Pull, Print a Permit

After receiving certain permit approvals, you need to pull your permit and print your permit card. The City of Miami now offers that service online. 

NOTE: Although The City system refers to this step as "pulling" your permit, your actual permit is not issued until all fees are paid and you print your permit card. 


Pay for Your Permit

You cannot pull your permit until your application has been approved and you have paid your initial fees. Our Permit Guide offers a "big-picture" view of the permitting process, while our Permit Catalog offers step-by-step instructions for various types of permits.  

You can pay here.

Pull Permit

If you are applying for a building permit, you will be required to pull the permit. If your project has sub-permits associated with your projects, it is important to note that the master permit is required to be pulled and issued. 

A building permit can be pulled online by selecting “Manage Application, Pull Permit. You will need your process number. 

If you are the owner of the property, and you plan to complete a home project on your own, you will be required to complete the Owner/Builder test. This test is administered in person at the Building Department. If you are a contractor and the master permit holder, you may pull a permit online if you are eligible based on your respective qualifier(s). This is also applicable to all sub-contractors who plan to pull a sub-permit online.  

Once the permit has been pulled, you will receive the required permit fees for payment. 

Pay Additional Fees

You need to pay re-review fees before you can print your permit.  You only need your transaction ID. 

Pay Fees

Print Permit Card

To print the permit card, visit iBuild and select 'Manage Permit, Print Permit Card'. You will need your process or permit number. 

Access your Approved Plans

To access your approved plans, log-into to ProjectDox and locate your project BD number.