Government Relations

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 The Office of Government Relations advocates on behalf of the City’s interests before all levels of government.

Department Head

Francisco Petrirena


1. TRANSPORTATION– REQUEST funding for additional Trolleys and Routes. REQUEST changes to the half penny transportation surtax.

2. CDBG- INCREASE the percentage of CDBG funding for the City.

3. AFFORDABLE HOUSING– REQUEST funding for 3D house printing pilot program. REQUEST funding for security. SUPPORT legislation to require A/C units in Florida.

4. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT– SUPPORT funding for the City’s emergency management needs.

5. MIAMI FOREVER BOND– REQUEST matching funds for first tranche of qualifying Miami Forever Bond projects.

6. POLICE & FIRE- SUPPORT legislation to lift restrictions on drone usage for evidence collection. SUPPORT legislation restricting the purchase and possession of firearms by individuals who have been “adjudicated mentally defective” or have been “committed to a mental institution” F.S.S. 790.065. REQUEST funding for equipment and vehicle upgrades.

7. HUMAN SERVICES– SUPPORT legislation & funding for Homeless/Mental Illness Prevention Programs. (Ex. SF Behavioral Health Network and the Lazarus Project) SUPPORT legislation to require EKG screenings be mandated for all students during annual pediatric wellness and physical examinations. (Nicklaus Children’s Hospital)

8. PARKS & RECREATION– SUPPORT changes to F.S.S. 402.302 to include municipal after school programs.

9. WATER PROJECTS– SUPPORT funding for potential water projects city-wide.

10. FUNDING REQUESTS– SUPPORT funding for Miami Baywalk. SUPPORT funding for senior meals in the City of Miami. (Ex. LHANC, Allapattah Community Action, and Southwest Social Services)

11. SCHOOL SAFETY– SUPPORT Miami Dade County Public Schools in their efforts to secure additional funding for school safety. 


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