How to use ProjectDox

ProjectDox (part of ePlan) is a web-based solution that lets customers initiate and complete the plan submission, review and approval process online, rather than using a manual, paper-based process. 

You will need a ProjectDox account to upload all documents and drawings for Building, Planning, and Zoning applications. 



NOTE: We recommend you have two windows open during this process - one with the below instructions, and one with the ProjectDox portal, so you can make progress in real time.  

Create a New User Account

  • If you already applied for a permit in iBuild, you may have received an "invitation" to signup for ProjectDox. Go ahead and use that link to open an account. OR
  • Visit the ePlan/ProjectDox page and click "Create User Account" located below the Login box.
  • Complete the new account form. Enter a Username, valid Email Address, and Password.
    NOTE: You MUST use the same email address for iBuild/ProjectDox/ePlan, etc. This is how the system will recognize you. 

NOTE: A valid email address is important, since it will be used by ProjectDox to send project confirmations and document upload tasks. Also, it will be used during the review process to alert you of any important tasks or changes to your application.

The password must not contain special characters, must contain at least one numeric digit, one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and must have at least 8 characters. Click Create My Account to proceed.

Verify Account

  • Once you have successfully created your account, you will receive an email with your Verification Code.
  • To activate your account, you will be required to click the link and enter your verification code.

Note: If you experience difficulty, please contact ePlan Technical Support by email:   

Log In

  • After successful account creation and activation, you are ready to submit applications online.   Go to ProjectDox Home Page, the Login box displays.
  • Enter your username.  Use the email address saved during the initial account creation.   Enter your Password.
  • Click the Login button.

Note:  Use the Forgot password? link to change your password. Enter your registered email address and follow the instructions.

Begin Using ProjectDox

  • Once you have successfully logged in, the system has various services to choose from.  
  • If you already applied for a Building permit in iBuild, you need to select "Manage Your Plans Reviews" and go to ProjectDox. This is where you can access your projects and upload documents, drawings, etc.  Use this section to review and manage applications, (now called projects), that you have already submitted to the City of Miami.   If you don't see your Building application listed, your emails might not match up. Please contact 
  • If you'd like to apply for one of the planning/zoning/special permits listed, follow that screen and select "Start My Application Request".  

Service Screen Title


Apply for a Special Permit

Apply here for permits that may be necessary to develop property under the Miami 21 Code including: Warrant, Waiver, Exception, or Variance. You will be able to upload your drawings and documents and monitor in real time comments made by city staff.

Additional services include: Preliminary Zoning Review, Temporary Use Permit (Vacant Land), SAP Permit, Special Appearance, Interim Parking, Class II, Special District, and Alcohol Reservation Letter.

Apply for Building Permits

Building Permits are required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure. Click here to Submit Application, Payments, and Requests to the City of Miami Building Department.

Manage Your Plans Reviews

Access ProjectDox to upload drawings and documents, review comments and markups, and download approved plans. All development reviews are managed in ProjectDox.

Make Payment Online

Pay for all fees through our online point of sale system. You will need your transaction or invoice number to complete payments.

Search Property on Map

This powerful mapping tool allows you to search addresses and view transect zones, zoning regulations, districts, land use, owner information, and more.

Request a Zoning Change

Apply here for consideration to change the current zoning regulation or an amendment to the comprehensive plan that responds to changing conditions affecting the local community.

Additional Services include: Rezoning, Comprehensive Plan Amendment, and Special Area Designation.

Review a Covenant

Apply here for covenants that is supplemental to an application submitted to the Planning or Zoning Departments.

Additional Services include: Unity of Title, Declaration of Restrictive Covenants, Release of Unity of Title, Public Benefits, etc.

Historic Preservation

Apply for the designation of historic sites/districts and for alterations to historic structures and sites, archaeological sites, and environmental preservation districts.

Certificate of Appropriateness, Special Certificate of Appropriateness, Certificate of Approval, Certificate to Dig, Historic Resource Nomination.

Request a Vacation Closure

Apply here to request a closure to a street or alley located within the City of Miami.

Important Note: Submissions will only be considered after the applicant request has been reviewed and approved by the City's Plat and Street Committee.

Assisted Living Facility

Apply here to open or change ownership of an assisted living facility within the City of Miami.

Apply for Special Events Permit

Upload supporting documents and drawings in support of a special events application processed by the Department of Parks & Recreations, Office of Film & Entertainment, or the Office of Zoning.

Application Services include: Special Events (Parks), Special Events (more than 300 persons), Film, Temporary Event, Farmer's Market, and Fireworks (Pyro) Permits.

Apply for Public Works Permit

Apply for permits in the Public Right of Way (ROW). Any vehicular, equipment, material, or worker staging/protecting in the Right of Way will require a permit.

Additional Services include: Utility Company and Contractor Registrations, Right of Way Permit Applications, Extensions, and Permit Close Outs.

Request a Zoning Verification Letter

Request a Zoning Verification Letter is a request to learn a property Zoning Designation, Permitted Uses and if it is consistent with the Future Land Use Designation.

Request a Certificate of Use

Apply here for a Certificate of Use to ensure that all startups or established businesses are operating legally, safely, within the City of Miami.

Some of these links will lead to other portals of ePlan Review (ProjectDox, iBuild, iPW, etc.) or even external resources (Property map, certificate of use, payment, etc.)

Complete Your Tasks

  • When managing an existing project, you will see a list of tasks you need to complete. Go ahead and complete your first task as soon as possible.
  • If you don't know how to name and upload documents, please visit our page with specific details. Your documents must be named properly or they won't be accepted.

Respond to Comments

  • When you click on your project, you'll see tabs for tasks, files, "discuss" (you can ask questions here), and "reviews" (once a pre-screen and/or review has taken place). 
  • You can follow the progress of your application and view/respond to important comments from staff in this reviews tab. 
  • Be sure to make any necessary corrections and upload your new documents/complete tasks.