Agenda: Civil Service Board - April 6, 2021

City of Miami

3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, FL  33133

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 06, 2021
10:00 AM
Commission Chambers

Civil Service Board

Troy Sutton, Chairperson
Rafael Cabrera, Board Member
Rodrigo Jimenez, Board Member

Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of Agenda

A.        Approving of the Minutes


Civil Service Board - Regular Meeting - March 23, 2021 9:00 AM


B.        Personnel Matters

C.        Military Leaves of Absence


Ramon de la Rosa Odio, Police Officer, requests Active Duty Military Leave without pay effective March 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021. Copy of Orders submitted. (DISCUSSION)



Roberto Luna, Firefighter, requests re-employment as a Firefighter following his return from Military Leave. Copy of memorandum from the Air Force indicating Honorable Discharge submitted. (DISCUSSION)


D.        Disciplinary Matters


Copy of a letter from Chief Jorge R. Colina, Director, Department of Police, notifying Daniel Mogro, Police Officer, of a 10-hour forfeiture, effective March 29, 2021. (NOTIFICATION)


E.        General Items

F.         Reports


Hearings Pending List as of April 6, 2021. (NOTIFICATION)


G.        Requests for Hearings


Copy of a request for a Grievance hearing from Teri Guttman-Valdes, Attorney, on behalf of Maximiliano Valdes, Police Sergeant, pursuant Civil Service Rule 16.1- Investigation by The Board and 16.2- Complaint by Employee, in reference to a second examination for a Police Lieutenant hold on January 3 through 5, 2017. (DISCUSSION)


H.        Today's Hearings


Hearing on behalf of David Delgado, Maintenance Mechanic, pursuant to Civil Service Rule 16.1- Investigation by the Board as it relates to the alleged violation of Civil Service Rule 6.3- Contents of Examination, 6.5- Method of Rating, Civil Service Rules 14.2(k)- Incompetent, Negligent or Inefficient, and 14.2(l)- Careless or Negligent, concerning the examination process for 2019 Firefighter's examination process.