Agenda: Civil Service Board - May 16, 2023

City of Miami

3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, FL  33133

Revised Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
10:00 AM
Commission Chambers

Civil Service Board

Troy Sutton, Chairperson
Rodrigo Jimenez, Chief Examiner
Rafael Cabrera, Board Member
Ulysses Garcia, Board Member
Wilbur Jackson Jr., Board Member

            Pledge of Allegiance

            Adoption of Agenda

A.        Approving of the Minutes


Civil Service Board - Regular Meeting - April 18, 2023.

B.        Personnel Matters


Copy of a memorandum from Chief of Police Manuel A. Morales, Director, Department of Police, requesting an extension of probationary period of Dora Chavarria, Police Officer, for one (1) additional month beyond June 8, 2023. (DISCUSSION)

C.        Military Leaves of Absence


Matthew Conway, Firefighter, requests Active Duty Military Leave without pay from April 9, 2023 through May 24, 2023. Copy of Orders submitted. (DISCUSSION)


Mariela C. del Rio, GIS Supervisor, requests Active Duty Military Leave without pay from March 5, 2023 through April 1, 2023. Copy of Orders submitted. (DISCUSSION)


Daniel Quintana. Stable Attendant, requests Active Duty Military Leave without pay from May 16, 2023 through October 20, 2023. Copy of Orders submitted. (DISCUSSION)


Alejandro Cuervo, Fire Lieutenant, requests Active Duty Military Leave extension from May 15, 2023 through November 10, 2023. Copy of Orders extending leave submitted. (DISCUSSION)

D.        Disciplinary Matters


Copy of a letter from Chief of Police Manuel A. Morales, Department of Police, notifying Llilian Berrios, Police Officer, of a 10-hour forfeiture, effective April 21, 2023. (NOTIFICATION)

E.        General Items


Findings of Fact concerning the Whistleblower Hearing on behalf of Brandon Lanier, Commander & Wanda Jean Baptiste, Police Officer, in accordance with Florida Statute 112.3187. (DISCUSSION)


Copy of a Judgment from Arthur Noriega, V., City Manager, concerning the Appeal Hearing on behalf of Alfredo Matias, former Police Officer, relative to his Termination, effective January 27, 2022. (NOTIFICATION)



Copy of a "Motion for Protective Order" from Stephanie K. Panoff, Senior Assistant City Attorney, on behalf of elected officials Manolo Reyes, Joe Carollo and Alex Diaz de La Portilla, Commissioners, concerning the Whistleblower Hearing of Heather Morris, former Deputy Chief of Police, regarding her Termination, effective October 4, 2023. (DISCUSSION)

Settlement Agreement and Release between the City of Miami and Lourdes Blanco, former Executive Director of the Miami Sports & Exhibition Authority, regarding her Whistleblower Hearing (CSB#18-23I). (NOTIFICATION)

Hearing will be closed and removed from the Board's docket.


F.         Reports


Hearings Pending List as of May 16, 2023. (NOTIFICATION)

G.        Requests for Hearings


Copy of an Investigation Hearing from Griska Mena, Attorney, on behalf of Weslyne Lewis Francois, Lieutenant, pursuant to Civil Service Rule 16.1- Abuse of Power. (DISCUSSION)

H.        Today's Hearings