Climate Change in the City of Miami

City of Miami has always been vulnerable to hurricanes, storm surge, and flooding, and we have a strong history of thriving in the face of adversity. However, over the past decade Miami's acceptance and response to climate change has emerged as a new factor influencing the growth, and future trajectory, of the City. To ensure a sustainable and enduring future for the City and its residents, City of Miami is taking bold steps towards implementing an innovative and holistic approach to resilience.


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In November 2019, City Commission declared a climate emergency, urging the State of Florida and the United States & government to declare a climate emergency, and requested regional collaboration on an immediate emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate.

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The Building Efficiency 305 (BE305) program helps ensure a more resilient city in relation to existing buildings and addresses the mandate from the Miami City Commission to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases. 

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