Get a Fireworks or Pyrotechnics Permit

Do you want to display fireworks or pyrotechnics (bursts, sparklers, etc.)?  This can be for a special event or otherwise, but you are required to get a permit through the Fire Department. 

NOTE: In accordance with City of Miami Ordinance 19.7 C (2) and (3), Permits sought hereunder for pyrotechnic displays shall not be granted for display to take place between the hours of 21:30 p.m.- 09:00 am, Sunday-Thursday and 23:00-09:00 on Friday & Saturdays. The restrictions contained in paragraph (2) of this subsection shall not be applicable on January 1, January15, July 4 and December 31.



Confirm Your Timing

Your application must be submitted at least 14 working days before your event/fireworks display.  
NOTE: If you've missed this window, please email and and put "Rush Permit" in the subject line.
TIP: If this display is for a Special Event, you need to apply for your Special Event permit separately. 

Collect Documents

You will need to provide the following documents in order to apply.

  • Two copies of a diagram / floor plan showing the proposed event layout or property where the fireworks/pyrotechnics will take place (drawn to scale) on a quarter sheet scale paper (11 X 17 inches).  The Fire Department Plans Examiners will review this plan and if Changes are needed they will contact your representative to pick them up and make the necessary changes. A copy of the approved plans should be kept on the event site. 
  • Copies of any and all licensing and documents for the company and the personnel who will be operating or conducting the fireworks/pyrotechnics display. 
  • Description of the exact products to be used.
  • In addition to the application, the following is required: A copy of the Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Miami as additional insured for the required amount of $1,000,000 bodily injury, $50,000 property damage per occurrence. Must be approved by, City of Miami Insurance Manager.
  • A Performance Bond of $1000.00, when required, of pyrotechnician with Power of Attorney, naming the City of Miami. Must be approved by, City of Miami Insurance Manager. 

Review Fees

The City of Miami requires that event promoters / sponsors pay for the cost of all city services and permits associated with event at least FIVE (5) working days prior to the event. 

The cost for this permit is $390.  You will also need to include payment for Fire Inspectors at $65.77/hour (all displays include a four hour inspector minimum). 

: This does not refer to Fire Department coverage for Special Events (which may include foot patrol, firefighting units, etc.) - those charges are additional and separate from the Fireworks Permit.

Submit your Application

Complete the online application, below. We will respond to your application within three business days.

Apply for Fireworks Permit

Pay Invoice

Once your application is received, you will be emailed an invoice with your final fees.  You must pay this invoice within five (5) days of your event.  Use your transaction ID from the invoice to pay online. 

Pay Online

NOTE: If you must pay by business check, please contact and

Await Permit

If your application is approved and paid, you will receive the permit via email (a pdf document). You must keep this permit on-site along with all of the documentation listed above.