General Service Administration - GSA

The Department of General Services Administration (GSA) serves and supports over 40 City Departments that provide essential services to the citizens of the city.

Department Director
Jennifer Ramirez

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The Director’s Office handles all the administrative functions of the department, including: budgeting, accounting, payroll, personnel, citywide utility management, operational statistics and contract administration. GSA manages and/or utilizes approximately 90-100 contracts.

About the GSA Director

Mrs. Jennifer Ramirez was appointed the Director of General Service Administration in 2021, making her the first female GSA Director for the City of Miami.  Jennifer has an impressive work history in the public and private sector. She was first employed in 2002 with the City’s Office of Management and Budget holding the positions of Budget Coordinator, and Senior Management Analyst.  In 2010, she was appointed the Assistant Director of Management and Budget, and she worked on high-level City Strategic Management projects including balanced scorecard, smart goals, and performance management. While in this capacity she also served as a Subject Matter Expert in the implementation of the Oracle Enterprise System in the areas of budget, position management and reporting.  In 2011, Jennifer was appointed Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer, and worked on City Bond Initiatives and the FY2011 Fiscal Recovery. Her experience with the City continued with the Department of General Services Administration as the Assistant to the Director of GSA in November 2011.  In 2014 she was appointed Assistant Director of General Services Administration, and has nearly 7-years’ experience with GSA including managing projects that have included the implementation of new work order systems, replacement of the City’s 911 communications system, city fleet replacement and expansion, and various building retrofits that include HVAC systems, lighting, roofing, remodeling and updating, all while maintaining a focus on green alternatives that enhance performance that mitigate electrical costs and carbon footprints.  

Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Information Systems. Mrs. Ramirez also holds a Professional Certificate from Harvard University Kennedy School. Prior to her tenure with the City, Jennifer was employed by Author Andersen, one of the world's largest multinational corporations and was one of the "Big Five" accounting firms, where she specialized in business risk audits and business information flow audits that established and implemented industry best practices.




Meet the Administration

Jennifer Ramirez
Director of GSA

Anthony Barcena
Assistant Director GSA

John F. Babos Jr.
Superintendent Light Fleet

Carlos Pau
Superintendent Heavy Fleet

Jorge Campoamor
Superintendent of Property Maintenance

Richard Rios
Superintendent of Graphics

Juan Oves
Facility Maintenance Manager

Marcia Lopez
Assistant to the Director

Jose Estrella
Communications Technical Superintendent


Please find a summary of our divisions. For more information on any division, open the corresponding dropdown, below. 

Fleet Management: This division manages, directs and supervises all duties and responsibilities associated with fleet maintenance, inventory control, parts management and fuel management for all city vehicles and equipment. From the cradle to the grave, this division handles the procurement, maintenance, repair, fueling, and disposition of over 3,000 city assets.

Graphics Reproduction: Responsible for the design, layout, typesetting and cost-effective reproduction of all graphic and related materials produced by the City. Additionally, this Division is responsible for the management of the City-wide lease contract for copiers.

Property Maintenance: Responsible for the repair and maintenance of most City buildings and facilities. It supports City-sponsored events; secures City facilities when threatened by a hurricane or other natural disasters; responds to Citywide emergencies; performs renovations and retrofits of City facilities; provides in-house expertise on plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other disciplines as required and administers small construction contracts on an as needed basis.

Communications:  Responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City’s 800 MHz radio system; provides critical communication support to the City’s 911 service; provides 24 hour on-call emergency repair service to ensure continued operability of the system; repair and maintenance of all radio communications equipment, technical support on all City radio communication matters and management of the city-wide paging services for local government.

MRC: Responsible for the maintenance and operations of the Miami Riverside Center building, grounds, car pool, mechanical and security equipment; daily distribution of inter-office and U.S. postal mail, as well as the contracts administration of supplies and services required to support those functions.


The Fleet Management division is responsible for the timely and cost-effective repair to over 3,000 city vehicles and pieces of equipment. In addition to repair and maintenance responsibilities, the Fleet Management division also maintains a fuel facility that disperses over a million gallons of fuel annually.

Hours of Operation
    Light Fleet Monday – Friday, 6:30 am – 9:30 pm
    Heavy Fleet Monday – Friday, 6:30 am – 9:30 pm
    Administration Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Fuel Facility Monday – Friday, 6:30 am – 9:30 pm
Telephone Numbers
    Heavy Garage 305-329-4881
    Motor Pool 305-329-4882
    Body Shop 305-329-4894
Postal address
    1390 NW 20 Street
    Miami, FL 33142

Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled customer service to ALL City departments by keeping the fleet in a constant state of readiness and mechanical dependability. Administrating a structured Maintenance program, providing Automotive Service Excellence certified personnel to diagnose, analyze and repair the City’s vehicles and equipment in the most cost-effective manner.

Fleet Administration

This section is responsible for all the vehicle and business management functions of the division. Vehicle management duties and responsibilities include vehicle specifications, vehicle replacement, vehicle recalls, vehicle repair, vehicle disposal, vehicle acquisition, vehicle titling & registration, parts procurement, fuel procurement & disbursement, vehicle maintenance, facility management, warranty claim processing, body shop services, mechanic supervision, motor pool management and more. The business management duties and responsibilities include personnel management, customer relations, performance reviews & evaluations, monthly & annual reports, contract management, specification writing, regulatory requirement, accounting, information systems, management, analysis, financial reporting, purchasing, benchmarking, & performance analysis, business planning, budgeting and more.


The Graphics Division is responsible for cost effective reproduction of all graphic related materials through internal or contractual services. The division uses a variety of equipment to produce work including: offset presses, digital duplicators, high speed copiers, personal computers, wide format printers and bindery equipment. The division is also responsible for forms management and all city-wide copier contracts.

Contact Us
1390 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33142



The MRC Facility Management Division's mission is to provide for the physical development, growth, and maintenance of the Miami Riverside Center facility.

Contact Us

Car Pool


Service Requests






Emergencies/Building Security




MRC 3rd floor, Office 346

MRC Facility Maintenance Office and Maintenance & Operations

The Facilities Operations staff is comprised of administrative and trades personnel covering a wide variety of areas in support of the mission of the department. The responsibility of this unit is to provide a physical environment that will enable the City of Miami to accomplish its broader mission and to provide an environment that fosters performance excellence. This environment consists of the MRC building, parking areas, and grounds. This section receives repair orders from all departments within the Miami Riverside Center and oversees all routine and extraordinary building and ground maintenance functions. This includes all MRC building moves and coordination and event set up of City sponsored events. In addition, the section oversees the work of outside service contractors performing special maintenance and landscaping services when necessary. Other responsibilities for this unit include planning, installation, and maintenance of the facility irrigation systems.

This section also oversees the services provided by in house staff and custodial contractors at the MRC. They are responsible for the collection of recyclable materials and the disposal of waste generated at the MRC. The section's goals are to protect the environment, reduce waste disposal costs, comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and follow city policy.

Additional responsibilities:

  • The MRC Facility Maintenance Office also serves as the main controlling station for the Miami Riverside Center’s energy management, building environment and life safety systems.
  • The MRC Mailroom’s responsibilities are primarily engaging in the collection and distribution of inter-office and U.S. Mail as well as supply and material distribution functions.
  • The Vehicle Services section of the division is responsible for the maintenance of the MRC car pool for City of Miami employees.
  • Building Security & Parking regulations.

1975 N.W. 12th Avenue
Main (305) 329-4730


Property Maintenance is responsible for maintenance, repair, remodeling and retrofitting of over 90 parks including 37 recreation buildings, 10 pool facilities, 61 basketball courts, 50 tennis courts, 25 baseball fields, 10 football/soccer fields, 6 racquetball courts, 5 daycare centers, 10 City Hall offices, 6 GSA facilities, 7 Economic Development locations, 13 NET offices, 10 street light systems and 2 Solid Waste facilities. In addition to the above, Property Maintenance also provides support for 13 fire station facilities, 5 Conferences and Conventions facilities, the City’s CIP and Public Works departments and other city owned buildings and property. This includes work in the trades of electrician, lineman, plumbers, painters, sign painters, carpenters, welders, heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration and maintenance mechanics. Property Maintenance administers outside contracts for custodial, fire safety, elevator and other maintenance duties to supplement the division’s staff.

(305) 329-4845
1100 N.W. South River Drive

The radio communications division of GSA is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City’s 800 MHz radio system. This is a L3Harris radio communications system that provides county wide coverage and serves the citizens of Miami by providing the police and fire dept 9-1-1- systems with excellent radio services. The system also provides for the communications needs of the departments of Parks, Solid Waste, Public Works and General Services Administration. The radio system is maintained by the radio communication division and boasts two transmitter sites; with 20 channels each and 4 receiver sites, to provide radio coverage citywide. The maintenance of city’s fleet of 2000 + radios with factory trained technicians are also the responsibility of this division.

The division offers 24hrs a day emergency radio repair services to police and fire; as needed in order to maintain our goal of 99.9% up time on our radio services.