Alice Wainwright Park Seawall and Baywalk Improvements, District 2

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OCI is Currently Working in Phase II of the Project

The Park Improvements in Phase II include:

  • Design and construction of the bathroom/office building upgrades that include: plumbing, water and sewer, electrical and mechanical components
  • Landscape and hardscape elements by the bathroom and office buildings above
  • Improvements at main entrance access, vehicular service/maintenance access
  • Future vehicle entrance, service/maintenance access to lower point portion of the park and to comply with ADA requirements,
  • Pedestrian access to baywalk and comply with ADA Requirements, picnic and pavilion Shelter Areas,
  • Walkways or site path, site furnitures, park benches, trash receptacles and bicycle racks

Benefits of Phase II:

  • Upland park upgrades to comply with current building codes
  • To build resilient structures and reduce asset damage during severe storm events
  • Compliment Phase I of the project. 

Rendering of the new Alice Wainwright Park Entrance

Rendering of the improved Alice Wainwright Park landscape

Rendering of the new Alice Wainwright Park landscape with a view of the bay

Phase I of the Project is Complete!

Alice Wainwright Seawall and Baywalk Arial View With View of Playground   

Alice Wainwright Seawall and Baywalk Arial View

Alice Wainwright Seawall and Baywalk Up Close View   

Alice Wainwright Seawall and Baywalk, Baywalk Close Up View

Alice Wainwright Park Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Project Update - May 2021

The installation of approximately 1125 linear feet of new sheet pile and concrete cap is complete! The new installation creates a resilient structure that withstand storm surges and rising tides caused by sea-level rise. Baywalk construction and landscape improvements are scheduled to begin in June 2021.  

Alice-Wainwright-Seawall-2.jpg    Alice-Wainwright-Seawall.jpg


Project Rendering 


Park Address: 2845 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33129

New park improvements and elements include:

  • Replacement of existing seawall to mitigate sea level rise
  • New baywalk - approximately 33,000 square feet, using pervious and compacted gravel (to allow water to drain into the ground)
  • Drainage improvements
  • Safety lighting
  • New seating areas and trash receptacles
  • Planting of 115 native trees, 3,520 shrubs and approximately 118,130 square feet of sod
  • Removal of invasive plants and new landscaping 

Project Phases

  • Phase 1 of the proposed work is to provide shoreline improvements for the park: 
    • Replace the existing seawall and enhancing the waterfront with a new baywalk
    • Protect the natural elements of the park against vulnerabilities to sea level rise, storm surge, erosion, and compounding flooding
    • The proposed baywalk will be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant

Phase 1 is currently under construction.

  • Phase 2 will be a part of a future development of this project:
    • Upland park landscaping
    • Restroom and office facilities for the park
    • ADA access to the waterfront elements
    • Gazebo Shelters

Alice Wainwright Park Seawall and Baywalk Project: Before & After



 Site map of tree species to be removed:



Site map of new trees and vegetation to be planted: 



Tree species to be planted:



Native grasses and shrubberies to be planted:


Site furniture locations:



Site furniture samples:


Site paving:



Click here(PDF, 3MB) to download the poster image below


The park will remain open for your enjoyment during construction!

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