Legion Park Improvements & Shoreline Stabilization

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Legion Park Seashore Stabilization Completed!
Future Improvements to the park will follow the Park's Master Plan, currently in development by the Parks & Recreation Department.


Seashore Stabilization and New Green Area (formerly parking lot) is open for your enjoyment! Access to the existing old ramp is currently restricted.

  • Site Stabilization (shoreline) rip rap rock installation completed.
  • Metal Picket Fence installation completed.
  • Site Grading (ground leveling to install soil and grass) completed.
  • Soil placement in open area completed.
  • Sod placement in open area completed.

Future Improvements for Legion Park will be part of the Legion Park Master Plan, currently under development.

2024 New Elements that will be included in this project:

Currently working on the design plan for:

  • Parking and drop-off area
  • Kayak Launch
  • Walkway (leading to kayak launch area)

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New Green Area for your enjoyment (formerly the parking lot)!

Legion Park New Shoreline Photo  Legion Park New Shoreline Photo 2

New Fence

Legion Park Sewall & Boat Ramp New Fence

Rip-Rap Rock Seashore Stabilization

Legion Park Seawall & Boat Ramp Rip-Rap rock seashore stabilization   Legion Park Seawall & Boat Ramp Rip-Rap rock seashore stabilization 2

Site Grading for Soil/Grass Placement

Legion Park Seawall & Boat Ramp Site Grading for soil/grass placement


Legion Park Seawall and Boat Ramp Reconstruction in City of Miami, District 5

Construction started in 2021

City of Miami Office of Capital Improvements (OCI), District 5 Commissioner Christine King and

the Department of Parks and Recreation proudly announce improvements to Legion Park!

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