Register Your Neighborhood/Homeowner's Association (HOA)

Does your neighborhood or HOA want to receive current information about what's happening in your area (i.e. zoning changes, applications for permits, tree removals, warrants & waivers, special events, etc.)?  When you register your association annually with your local NET office, the City will notify your representative with this news. 


Gather the Required Information.

  • Name of association
  • Name of president/chairperson + board members and others with titles
  • Mailing address, telephone number, and email addresses
  • Selected contact person
  • Neighborhood/HOA boundaries (exact street addresses)
  • Concerns or questions in reference to your area that you'd like the city to advise you on (i.e. burglaries, permit requests, large-scale events)
  • Your meeting dates & location (if requested, a NET representative will make best efforts to attend meetings and answer questions)

Register your Neighborhood

NOTE: You will receive a new registration form on an annual basis so that a current list will be in place at the beginning of each year. Bookmark this page so you can renew your registration.