Submit Plans (Drawings) & Documents Electronically

Are you looking to submit or revise plans (drawings) and/or documents to a permit you've already applied for? You can now submit these online for the City of Miami to review electronically. 


Verify that you have already submitted a permit application. 

You can only submit drawings/plans and documents once you've already submitted a permit application in either iBuild (Building Permits), iPW (Right of Way/Public Works Permits), or OAS (Planning & Zoning Special Permits). Before you can submit your plans and drawings, you must have also paid the applicable upfront fees.

You can view the application process here

Name Your Files Properly

Each page of your drawings must be named individually, and in a specific way (known as a Standard Naming Convention).

Each drawing page must be submitted as a single file, other documents can be uploaded as multi-page. See further

NOTE: Your application will not be accepted if the naming convention is not followed. 

Leave Blank Space for City 'Batch' Stamp

For drawings & plans to be approved, the City of Miami adds a seal (or stamp) to the upper-right corner of each page within the plan. (This does not refer to text documents such as LOI, applications, notification letters, etc). 

Please ensure that you leave the upper-right corner blank (empty), per the below sizes:

  • 8.5 x 11 plan requires a 2x2 blank (empty) area
  • 11 x 17 plan requires a 3x3 blank (empty) area
  • 24 x 36 plan requires a 4.5 x 4.5 (empty) area
  • 30x42 plan requires a 4.5x4.5 (empty) area.
  • 36x48 plan requires a 4.5x4.5 (empty) area.

NOTE: This will be enforced on all new drawings as of 3/31/19. 

Log into the Electronic Plans Review System (ProjectDox)

If, during your permit application process, you opted to submit your plans electronically, you would have received an e-mail from with an “Applicant Upload Task.”  To complete this task, hit the button below. You will need to create an account. 

Login Here

Upload Your Plans/Drawings and Documents

Once you've logged in, you will see a screen of options. Read through the below for the steps you must take.

  • If you are on the “Task” tab, search/filter by your Project Number or Project Name.
  • Select the Project Number 
  • Accept the “Applicant Upload” task
  • On the Applicant Upload e-Form (Electronic Formlet), select “Drawing” folder
  • Click on the “Select Files to Upload” button
  • To upload files, you can either select “Browse Files” or “Drag and Drop” files. 
  • To use the Browse Files option, select “Browse Files” button and locate your files on your device.
  • To use the “Drag and Drop” option, minimize the e-Form and locate your files on your device, select all files (up to 100 separate files per upload) and drag into available space. 
  • Select “Upload Files”
  • Close the pop-up window once All drawings and documents have been uploaded. 

TIP: You can also complete these steps to upload documents into the “Document” folder. 

NOTE: Each drawing and document must follow the standard naming convention (see above). 

Complete “Applicant Upload Task”

After you have uploaded your documents, you will need to alert the system that you have completed your task(s), so they may be reviewed.

  • Re-open the Applicant Upload e-Form.  
  • Select the checkbox verifying that you have uploaded your drawings and documents and named all documents as required. 

NOTE: This task MUST be completed in for us to begin the review process. 

Prescreen (Application Process)

Once your drawings and documents have been received by the City of Miami, a Permitting Coordinator will review your submittals for acceptance. Once your application has been accepted we will assign the required reviewers, and send you comments regarding your application. 

TIP: A common mistake/reason for denial is not following the City’s standard file naming conventions (see above) or having more than one page per file for drawings or document files.  

NOTE: We will notify you via e-mail if there is a problem with your submission. 

NOTE: For a Building permit application it usually takes 14 business days for the first cycle of review to be completed. For a Special permit application, it usually takes 35 business days for the first cycle of review to be completed. For an Utility-Excavation or Non-Construction, it usually takes 40 business days for the first cycle of review to be completed. 

Submit Revised Drawings and Documents

If corrections are required, you will receive an e-mail from with the subject “Resubmit Applicant Task” advising of the need to re-submit corrected sheets for additional reviews and approvals. 

You will need to replace each sheet the reviewers applied a "Changemark" on or requested changes to in the comment checklist. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are re-submitting corrected pages, please name the correct page with the exact same name as you did previously. The system will know it’s a new version of a previously submitted page and will review the new page accordingly. 

NOTE: Resubmittals may occur multiple times for a single application to ensure that the plans and documents as submitted are compliant with Florida Statute and City Ordinance. 

Await Approval, Finalize

Once your plans have been approved. You will be required to complete several finalization steps, which may include “Adding/Updating Contractor” or paying any outstanding fees that may be applicable. 

For the Department of Resilience & Public Works the main point of contact will be required to accept and pay all related permit fees for a permit to be issued.

Pay Permit Fees

You will receive an email listing your review and/or permit fees.

Pay Fees Here

Download Permit and Plans

We will issue a permit and stamp your plans.  You will receive an e-mail instructing you to download your approved plans from the “Approved” folder.