Find My Commissioner + District Map

Do you want to see what district an address is in and/or find out who the commissioner is for that district? You can search addresses here. 


Step 1.Confirm Your Address

This map will only work for address in The City of Miami (not Miami Beach, Coral Gables, etc.)

Step 2.Select your Map Tool

We have two tools that can help you with this process. If you simply want to see the outline of districts (or search your address with the magnifying glass), view the:

City of Miami Officials Map 

If you'd like to see City services like your NET Area, Police Station, and more, utilize the City Services map (and use magnifying glass to search). View helpful tips below for using these tools.  

View City Services Map

Step 3.TIPS: Search Your Full Address

  • Click the magnifying glass. 
  • Start entering your address and type slowly. You must enter your full address, including the city of Miami. Once you type, you'll see options come up in the correct format.
  • Click on the correct option.