Covenant: Perpetual Sidewalk Easement Application & Documents

In order to get a covenant for a Perpetual Sidewalk Easement, you need to prepare a package with the following documents. 

1. Complete Application

Fill out this application(PDF, 289KB), which must be submitted by email with your below package, to Arelys Guzman at

2. Prepare a Letter

A request for “Perpetual Sidewalk Easement” agreement must be written and addressed to:
DIRECTOR City of Miami Department of Resilience and Public Works
444 SW 2 Avenue, 8th Floor Miami, FL 33130

The letter shall state the Owner’s reasons for requesting the City to approve the “Perpetual Sidewalk Easement” agreement, under which the Owner (Grantor) guarantees the appropriate maintenance of the sidewalk within the easement area to a safe condition at no cost or expense to the City.

NOTE: Do not mail this letter, it will be submitted in-person with your full package. 

3. In addition, provide the following documents: COPIES ONLY

  • If Owner is a private individual:
    A. Provide Warranty Deed.
    B. Provide latest property tax notice WITH LEGAL DESCRIPTION
    C. Copy of current approved Survey and proposed Site Plan (including the easement area).
    D. Sketch and Legal Description of the Proposed Easement.
  • If Owner is a Corporation, or LLC, in addition to A, B, C and D above:
    E. Provide “good standings” document from State.
    F. Provide documentation of authority to execute documents, or written consent of owners.
  • If Owner is a Partnership or Trust, must provide A, B, C, D, and E above, as well as:
    G. Provide partnership or trust documentation of authority to execute documents/written consent from owner. 

4. Submit Complete Package

Email completed application and documents to Arelys Guzman at

*Application fee is $495, recording fees depend on the number of pages. Your fees will be determined and invoiced to you when you receive your executed covenant via email.  
*The approval, preparation and execution of the covenant MUST BE accomplished prior to issuance of the required permit (s).