Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP) Reports & Data

The CIP issues a minimum of 14 reports per year to fulfill its mandate to inform the public and City of Miami elected officials about departmental operations, complaint activity, case dispositions and police department discipline. These reports include monthly statistical reports, annual reports, as well as issue-based reports on topics related to police misconduct with recommendations on MPD policies, procedures and training.


The CIP ordinance requires CIP to close out cases with a recommendation to the police department. MPD responds to these recommendations in accordance with the ordinance provisions. 

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The CIP creates an annual report that summarizes the monthly statistical data in order to discover trends, patterns and practices of police misconduct. The annual report also provides necessary information to the City Commission and residents.


2020-2021 Annual Report(PDF, 373KB)

2019-2020 Annual Report(PDF, 2MB)

2018-19 Fiscal Year Annual Report(PDF, 967KB)

2017 Report(PDF, 9MB)


The CIP’s investigation of complaints and data analysis sometimes reveals problems that go beyond specific acts of misconduct and suggest the need for a change in police department policy, procedures, or training.  When this occurs, the board notifies the police chief and recommends solutions. Further, the CIP ordinance requires CIP staff to review, audit, and recommend changes on departmental policy to encourage best police practices.

CIP Issue Based Reports

The CIP issues an in-depth statistical report which details complaint activity and complaint types, agency productivity, board findings and police department action on substantiated complaints.



If you don't see the reports you need, you may request archived monthly statistical reports.