Climate Resilience Committee

In 2019, the City of Miami consolidated the Sea Level Rise Committee and Waterfront Advisory Board into the Climate Resilience Committee. The charge of the Committee has expanded to include: (1) recommending, to the Commission, changes to City Code and policy that will help the City thrive in the face of all climate change threats, and (2) providing input on City-owned waterfront land use issues when tasked. The Committee meets monthly.

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Date Time Location
Monday January 22 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday February 5 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday March 4 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday April 1 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday May 6 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday June 3 6:00 PM City Hall 
Monday July 15 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday September 10 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday October 7 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday November 4 6:00 PM City Hall
Monday December 2 6:00 PM City Hall

meetings at City Hall will be live-streamed via City website (see link above)

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If you want to view the Committee members and/or updated meeting agendas, minutes and more, visit our Legislative Hub

Rodrigo Bilbao

headshot - demayo.jpg
Aaron DeMayo
image of Nkosi Muse
Nkosi Muse
Vice Chair
image of Wayne Pathman
Wayne Pathman
headshot - Plasencia.jpg

Chief Adrian Plasencia


Avra Jain

Anonymous-Placeholder-Headshot.jpg Silvio Pupo
Sarahi Perez Anonymous-Placeholder-Headshot.jpg VACANT (MAYOR)
Anonymous-Placeholder-Headshot.jpg VACANT (D4)    
Date  Item ID  Summary 
1/22/24 Pending Discussion item related to the prohibition of the use of gas powered leaf blowers for City operations and within City limits
4/10/2023 Ordinance 14242 Ordinance updating green roof definitions and clarifying configuration standards in the Miami21 zoning code
10/27/2022 Resolution on Stormwater Management
9/22/2022 Discussion Item 12507 Resolution Allowing the Planting of Mangroves Along the Miami Baywalk Greenway
5/22/2022 Ordinance 14067 Ordinance Requiring Youth Representation on the Climate Resilience Committee
10/10/2019 Resolution R-19-0376 Resolution In Support of the Carbon Dividend Act of 2019
10/10/2019 Resolution R-19-0375 Resolution Urging the Florida Public Service Commission to Set Meaningful Energy Efficiency Goals
10/10/2019 Resolution R-19-0377 Resolution to Develop Future Proofing Standards for Buildings
9/12/2019 Ordinance 13857 Ordinance Creating the Climate Resilience Committee
11/15/2018 Resolution R-18-0502 Resolution to Develop Adaptation Action Areas
11/15/2018 Resolution R-18-0501 Resolution on Climate Gentrification