Overtown Community Oversight Board

The Overtown Community Oversight Board, formerly named Overtown Advisory Board, was formed on October 15, 1980 under the Citizen Participation Plan, a federal mandate required by the City of Miami.  The purpose of the OCOB is to encourage and support housing, job creation, economic and business development, educational opportunities and historic and cultural preservation and to provide written recommendations to the City Commission regarding activities, developments and improvements within, or substantially impacting the residents of the Overtown area.

The OCOB is comprised of 11 members, 5 of whom shall be elected and 6 of whom shall be appointed. Additionally, there shall be 2 youth members appointed, one by the Commissioner of District 5 and one appointed by the board.

The Overtown NET Administrator serves as the supervisor of the OCOB liaison and assists with the dissemination of information throughout the Overtown community and provides access to information to the liaison on everyday functions, community initiatives, construction projects and other quality of life matters to report back to the board members.

For additional information about the OCOB, please contact the Overtown NET’s Administrator at (305) 960-5133.