Who qualifies for these services: All Homesteaded Homeowners


This program is available at no cost to all residential homesteaded properties in the City of Miami.


Our free services are offered through in-person meetings, phone consultations, or email communication. For complex cases, it is recommended to schedule an in-person appointments to ensure comprehensive support from various trade disciplines. (Claudia Elorza: 305-710-0605, Rosa Vera: 786-877-9732, HOA Landline: 305-416-1139 Email: hoabuilding@miamigov.com). Our permitting specialists are here to assist you with the following:

-Determine if a permit is required for your residence project and identify the specific type needed.
-Provide step-by-step guidance for the permitting process based on the scope of work.
-Supply permit applications, necessary documents, plans, and project requirements.
-Assist in navigating ProjectDoxfor form completion, document uploads, and communication.
-Submit applications, receive and respond to tasks in ProjectDox.
-Schedule, track, and route your inspections.
-Offer information on permit fees.
-Collaborate with Unsafe Structure and Code Enforcement to address violations.


Our specialists will guide you through the process of obtaining your permit. In cases where there are violations on the property, multiple compliance routes will be provided, giving you options for decision-making. Expect the following:

-Verification of your property address for building or zoning violations, open permits, and applications.
-Explanation of the permit acquisition process for your specific case, whether it's a new project or legalization.
-Guidance through the entire permitting process.
-Assistance in completing forms and preparing necessary requirements for a smooth review.
-Regular follow-ups on your application status and guidance on online tracking.
-Potential meetings with various disciplines and departments based on your project scope.
-Review of pending disapproval remarks with Plan Review Staff for a comprehensive understanding.
-Information on whether a design professional (architect or engineer) is required for plans and drawings.
-Clarification on the need for a licensed contractor or eligibility for an owner-builder permit and test.
-Submission of sketches or drawings prepared with our guidance for some permits.


Required Documents for Permit Applications:

Most permits require a survey (issued within the last year) and plans or drawings signed electronically by an architect or engineer.

Additional required documents may include NOA’s (Notice of Acceptance), engineering calculations/test reports, affidavits or elevations, arborist reports, contractor’s information, and any documents requested during the process.