Get a Permit to Install Solar Panels

Do you want to install solar panels (on a roof or pergola, etc.)? If so, you need a specific permit for this. Miami's year-round sunshine makes our City a great place to utilize solar energy. 

  • If you are applying for a residential project, you do not need to pull a separate roofing permit.
  • If you're applying for a commercial project, you will also need a separate stand-alone roofing permit (in addition to the Electrical Stand-Alone Solar Panel Permit).



Verify that your Project is in the City of Miami

You need to ensure that your property is in City limits, and you'll need your property's folio #. You can find this using our GIS tool, hit "search" and search your address.  Or, you can do a county property search - if your folio # begins with -01, your property is in the City of Miami. 

NOTE: The GIS search bar auto-populates to a specific format. Type slowly and wait for your address to pop up. If you're not in the City of Miami, your address won't appear. 

Meet with a Qualified Licensed Contractor

  • It is recommended that you seek-out a qualified contractor who is familiar with this type of work. A qualified contractor is one who holds an EC or CVC license only. Reminder: if you're applying for a residential project you do not need a separate roofing permit, but if this is a commercial project, you need both a roofing permit and the solar panel permit
  • If you are a contractor, please make note of the above requirements.

Collect Documents

You will need to submit the following:

  • Permit application, signed by owner & contractor and notarized for both signatures. This application will be printed after you apply online, below. 
  • One set of plans signed and sealed by a Florida licensed Engineer. For projects less than $50,000 plans may be prepared by a qualifying  contractor with an EC or CVC license.  All plans must show the following information:

    1. Riser diagram showing existing equipment sizes and OCP size
    2. DC/AC inverter specifications and photovoltaic panel specifications
    3. Diagram of both systems integrated/interconnected
    4. Show all labels required on equipment
    5. Calculation of entire grid and size of inverter
    6. Compliance with NEC 705.12D (120%)
    7. Provide support and mounting detail
    8. All components and PV cables shall be UL Listed
  • Verify existing service to qualify for panel installation.
  • Provide 2 copies of a letter signed and sealed by a Florida P.E. stating that the installation of the Photovoltaic system will not adversely affect the building structure under normal conditions and during a hurricane event of the Florida Building Code specified intensity.
  • Product equipment specifications and material data sheet from the manufacturer.
  • If storage batteries are used, indicate size, type and location.
  • Indicate transfer switch, manual or automatic. Detail to be shown for all switching equipment and methods from and to public utility electrical system.

Complete Application

  • You will need to create an iBuild account to apply (or if you already have an account, simply login below).
  • Select "start application" and then "building application". [You'll then need to select standalone, electrical permit, then "solar panel"]. 
  • After filling out the application, you will be asked if you'd like to upload your plans electronically. 
  • >If so, proceed with the below steps.
    >If not, submit all of your documents (including your signed & notarized application, printed after you apply) to the Building Department at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor.
  • Prior to submitting your application, you will be asked to designate a "main point of contact". This person will be the recipient of an email (from directing them to submit documents/drawings. This point of contact does not need to be the applicant (can be a contractor).

Apply for Solar Panel Permit

Print & Notarize

  • After you submit your application, you will see a confirmation page with the options to download your package. Download your package, print, sign (owner & contractor) and notarize where applicable. 
  • Upload your printed/notarized application (if you chose 'yes' to uploading documents) to your ePlan project account (see below for how to upload documents). If you selected 'no' to uploading documents, you will bring your printed/notarized application to the city to submit your package in-person. 

NOTE: Your application package will generate a "Miami-Dade County RER/Municipal Application" (two pages). You DO NOT need to complete this portion.

Prepare your Documents for Upload

You must name each of your files in a very specific way, known as a Standard Naming Convention, in order to upload documents. 
NOTE: These names can not change once they've been given.

View Naming Instructions

NOTE: Any documentation that is required “signed and sealed” (by an architect, engineer, etc.), will require a digital signature for uploads.  This does not refer to an applicant's physical signature on an application.

 How to Obtain a Digital Signature (Design Professionals)

Upload Documents

After submission, you will receive an email with a link to Electronic Plan Review Portal (ProjectDox). If you've never created an account, you must do so. If you already have an account, login.

  • Select "manage my existing projects," locate your project, and complete the applicant upload task. 
  • Upload all required documents and drawings.

How to Upload Documents Electronically

NOTE: Please be sure to verify that all required drawings & documents have been included and are placed in the appropriate folder ("Drawings vs. Documents"). Once you hit "upload complete", your ability to upload any more documents will be restricted until the completion of the City's application acceptance process. 

Upload Documents in ePlan Portal

Wait for Application Acceptance

  • Your application, documents, and drawings will be pre-screened.
  • We will notify you via e-mail (from if there is a problem with your submission. 
  • TIP: A common mistake is not following the City’s standard file naming conventions or having more than one page per file for drawings.  

Respond to Review

  • Once your application has been accepted, it will undergo review.   
  • You will be notified (via email) if your application requires corrections.  If so, address the concerns and upload any revised drawings and/or documents.
  • This process may need to be repeated several times before your application is approved.

NOTE: You may modify the content of your file(s), but do not change the file names when you re-submit, unless you have been instructed to do so.

Submit Corrections in ePlan

Await Final Approval

You will be notified when your plans are approved. You will be required to complete several finalization steps, which may include “Adding/Updating Contractor”. The email you receive will include detailed steps for how to complete this process.

"Pull" Permit, Pay Fees, Print Permit Card

You now need to pull your permit. NOTE: Although The City system refers to this step as "pulling" your permit, your actual permit is not issued until all fees are paid and you print your permit card. 


Pull/Print Permit Instructions

After you do this, you'll receive a final transaction ID (invoice) that might include "re-review" fees and/or any potential ancillary fees due. You can pay your invoice online or at the cashier on the 4th floor.  

Pay Here

After payment, you must print your permit card (see above). 

NOTE: You must keep your printed permit card on-site at all times. 

Schedule Inspection

Once your work is complete, be sure to schedule an electrical inspection.