Obtain a Tree Permit (New Construction)

Are you working on a new construction project and need to remove, relocate, or trim a tree(s)? The City monitors tree activity in order to keep our canopy healthy and beautiful.

NOTE: You need to follow these directions in coordination with your master permit application. These processes will happen simultaneously. 

NOTE: This process is for new applications only, if you started a permit application before 12/5/18, your process for submitting plans will remain on paper (i.e. not digital, as outlined below). 

TIP: You do not need a permit to plant trees on private property. 


Determine the Necessary Permit.

If you're unsure what permit you need, the questionnaire below can help you find out and ensure you're on the right page. 

Permit Type Questionnaire 

Gather the Necessary Documents.

NOTE: The tree permitting process coincides with your overall construction permit, be sure to have all tree information included in your building application. When submitting your master building permit application, the following tree permit documents must also be included in your application. 

a. Tree/Boundary Survey* depicting all trees on-site, including those in the right of way.  Contact a Florida Licensed Surveyor to obtain a Tree/Boundary Survey. The survey can not be more than one year old, and must include:  

  • Tree Species
  • Location
  • Height
  • Spread and diameter

*NOTE: For a residential or duplex property, the survey can be prepared by the owner or a owner's representative, as long as it reflects the above information. 

b. Tree Disposition/Site Plan, drawn to scale, including:

  • The plan or drawing must identify and list all existing trees and specify the condition of each tree and whether said trees are to remain, to be removed, or to be relocated.
  • Plan shall superimpose all proposed new construction.
  • Include lot dimensions, center line, monument line, and street names.

c. Tree Replacement/Landscaping Plan drawn to scale including:

  • Illustrations of all proposed new construction.
  • New locations of relocated and newly installed trees.
  • Lot dimension.
  • Center Line.
  • Monument Line.
  • Demonstration that there is adequate spacing between trees, hardscapes and utility lines.
  • If the minimum tree replacement requirement cannot be met/planted on-site, applicant must make alternative solutions to meet this requirement, including planting off-site or Tree Trust Fund.

d. Tree Protection/Planting/Maintenance Plan that includes:

  • The identification of all trees that will remain on site.
  • Approved tree protection plan and protection barrier detail for each tree.
  • Details on newly installed planting materials.
  • One (1) year maintenance guarantee for newly installed planting materials.

NOTE: For items (b), (c), and (d) above, if you're constructing a commercial project, these plans must be drawn by a registered landscape architect. For a single family home or duplex, these plans can be prepared by the owner or the owner’s representative.

e. Certified Arborist Report

NOTE: This report can not be more than three months old and must include:

  • An assessment on all existing trees with the trees’ specifications (condition, species, size, root ball etc.)
  • Color photographs to support of the assessment
  • Relocation specifications for all proposed relocated trees in accordance to ANSI A300 Standards
  • Tree Protection Zone (TPZ)
  • Critical Root Zone (CRZ)
  • Tree protection and/or pruning recommendations

TIP: Follow the link below to find an Arborist using the International Society of Arboriculture.

Find a Local Certified Arborist

Apply for Master Permit

When you apply for your building permit, you will need to include your plan to remove/relocate trees as part of your document submission. 

Log into iBuild (if you don't have an account, you will need to create one).

  • At the end of the application, you will be asked if you're planning to upload your drawings (plans)/documents, if you select "yes", follow the steps below. If you are not able to submit your drawings and documents electronically, you may visit the City of Miami Building Department located at 444 SW 2ndAvenue, 4thFloor, to submit your drawings and documents for a tree permit.

Upload Documents

If you started your application on 12/5/2018 or later, you must upload all of your documentation online. Be sure you have named your documents/drawings correctly, then follow instructions below.

You will receive an email from eplans@miamigov.com notifying you of what documents you need to upload. Be sure to have the aforementioned tree documents ready. 

Submit Plans (Drawings) & Documents Electronically

For existing (aka "Legacy") permit applications submitted prior to 12/5/2018, your plans must remain in paper form. You can submit these in-person at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor. 

Await Approval & "Intended Decision"

You will be notified if the tree permit/portion of your master plan is either approved for "intended decision", denied, or requires corrections. 

You can view the status of your application in iBuild. Go to manage application, global inquiry. Search your process number, and in the 'review status' tab, look at the Environmental Resources discipline. 

If approved, there is a ten-calendar-day (or fifteen days for a City project) waiting period during which an aggrieved party may appeal The City's tree decision.  If there is no appeal, you will receive your tree permit approval from Environmental Resources.

NOTE: If there is an appeal, it will be scheduled for the applicable board (HEPB/City Commission). You will be notified of this action, and your permit will be placed on hold. You can view appeals here

NOTE: Prior to building permit issuance, all approvals must take place, including the intended decision appeal period (above).

Pay Permit Fees

Assuming you have received all permit approvals (master building + trees/Intended Decision), you will be notified of the fees owed via email and need to pay those before you can pull your permit. 

Pay Fees Here

Pull Tree Permit & Print Permit Card

Assuming you have received all permit approvals, and paid all fees, you will be required to pull and print your master building permit and your tree sub-permit.  Permits can be pulled online here by selecting "Permit, Pull Permit."  

After pulling, you need to print, by selecting the “Print Permit Card” option. Enter the permit number (from pulled permit, above) and the permit card will be made available for you to print.

You can also do this in person at the Building Department: 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th floor.

NOTE: No tree activity can take place without a pulled/printed tree permit (i.e. if you only pull your master permit and begin tree activity, this is considered unpermitted work).

Download Approved Plans & Documents

After you have pulled/printed your permit(s), we will e-mail you to let you know your final plans are available for download. You will need to log-in to ProjectDox and download your plans from the Approved Folder (you will already have an account here from uploading your plans/drawings). 

Begin Construction or Permitted Work

Don’t forget to always have your permit card and a job site copy of the approved plans at your project site.