Appeal an Unsafe Structures Violation

Did you receive a violation from Unsafe Structures, such as work without permit, 40/50 year recertification, or unsafe violation, and you would like to appeal? You can appeal your violation within ten days of the date of the First Notice.


Determine if You Can Appeal

  • The appeal must be requested within ten days of the date of the First Notice. 
  • Only property owners, registered agents, or individuals who have/will have a power of attorney from the property owner may request an appeal hearing.

NOTE: If you are a tenant and accepted/received this notice, you must give it to your landlord immediately.

Request Your Appeal

NOTE: You will need your case #. This can be found on your violation. 

Appeal Request Form

Prepare for Your Hearing

  • You will be contacted by The City with a date for your appeal. You can also view the list of unsafe structure hearing dates.  
  • Appeal hearings take place monthly at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive. 
  • You must provide proof of your property ownership/legal standing at the hearing.
  • Please bring any documentation that you feel supports your case.