File a Claim with the City of Miami

Were you involved in an accident or incidents involving (a) injury or property damage to a third party or (b) a City vehicle? This will walk you through the process of filing a claim with the city. 



Ensure You Need to File with the City

To file a claim with the City of Miami, the incident needed to have happened within city limits, or involved property owned by the city. 

You can view the city limits here.  If you find that the incident happened outside of the City of Miami, please contact that municipality. 

Report the Claim 

  • Call (877) 647-4545 to report claim.
  • You will be asked for your name & contact information as well as details about the incident.
  • Any additional information you can provide (i.e. pictures, a police report, etc. will help to expedite the process). 

Await a Response

An adjuster will be assigned to your claim within 24-48 hours. The adjuster will conduct a thorough investigation and then notify you of the outcome in writing.