Request Tree Trimming or Pruning on City Property

Do you see a tree that needs trimming or looks unsafe and is not on private property? The City maintains trees in the public right of way in order to establish and keep a healthy canopy.


Ensure the Tree is in the City of Miami.

We do not trim trees outside of the city limits (i.e. Miami Beach, Kendall, Miami-Dade, etc.) or on private property.

View a City Map

Determine the Location of the Tree.

We need assistance finding the exact tree in order to properly help you. One of the best ways to determine this is to record the closest house or street address that you can find to the tree.  

Take a Photo if Possible.

A photograph will help to ensure that the correct tree problem is addressed.  

Submit Your Request.

Call 311 to submit your information.  If pruning or trimming is determined to be necessary, the city will address the issue within seven weeks. If you do not see any change in that time frame and feel there is still a problem, call Public Works at (305) 960-2870.