Register Vacant or Abandoned Structure or Lot

Do you need to register a privately owned, empty lot or a vacant, blighted, unsecured or abandoned structure to avoid a fine? The City requires that these types of structures are registered with us in order to keep everyone safe.


Collect the Required Information

  • Property address & folio # (if you do not know folio number, you can find that here).

NOTE: If the folio # does not begin with "-01", the property is not in The City of Miami and must be addressed with the local township. 

  • Owner's name and contact information.
  • Agent/manager's name and contact number.
  • Type of structure (residential or commercial).
  • Access to a notary.

Complete the Application

You will need to print, fill out, and notarize the application. (PDF, 94KB)

Print Application(PDF, 94KB)

Complete No-Trespassing Affidavit

You will need to print, fill out and notarize the affidavit.

View Police Affidavit(PDF, 26KB) 

Submit your Documents

You can submit your notarized application + police document in two ways:

  • If you prefer not to use our online application, you can bring your completed forms to Code Compliance at Miami Riverside Center - 444 SW 2nd Ave, 7th Floor.

NOTE: If you have a violation, you will have to pay this invoice before receiving approval. You will hear from Code Compliance if this is the case. 

Install No Trespassing Sign

Once you've submitted your forms, you'll need to install a No Trespassing sign on the property (this can be any sign purchased any where).

Update the Information Annually

Once your property is registered, the owner/agent is responsible for updating the registration annually. Please repeat this process.

If there are any changes to the property (or if it is no longer vacant), please email to advise.