Commissioner District Offices

The department formerly known as NET is now separated by District and run by each commissioner.  The offices are called "District Offices." Scroll down for a chart of Police, Code, and Sanitation supervisors per district. For additional information, contact your Commissioner.

  • Search any address in The City of Miami to determine District and/or District Office (listed as Neighborhood Service Center) with our Property Information Tool.
  • Find office locations, hours, and staff for each District, below. 


Neighborhood (Former NET Area)

Police Commander

Code Compliance Field Supervisor

Sanitation Inspector


Ernesto Sierra

Daniel Sierra

Lander Labrada


Fabria Ellington

Gina Marquez

Yolanda Jonas

Coconut Grove

Daniel Kerr

Gina Marquez


Coral Way

Winsor Lozano

Gina Marquez

Lizeth Pita


Kimberly Caruso

Luis Gomez

Yolanda Brian


Altarr Williams

Luis Gomez

Vincent Cruz


Joaquin Freire

Trelana Haines

Ana Valdeon

Little Haiti

Robert Laurenceau

Daniel Sierra

Wilner Gila

Little Havana

Manuel Abreu

Luis Gomez

Gina Marquez

Liudmila Lander Adrian Jonas Lizeth

Model City

Alex Cooper        

Daniel Sierra

Brenda Meregildo


Katherine D. Baker

Luis Gomez

Brian Harris

Upper Eastside

Conrad Chin-Quee

Daniel Sierra

Enrique Wilner


Alex Valdes

Luis Gomez

Vincent Cruz