Get a Development Project Covenant

Are you applying for a permit and were told that you need a covenant agreement with Office of Zoning, Planning, or Housing? Or, are you trying to get a covenant on your property released?

Common covenants include: Unity of Title (unifies lots to allow development across property line), Covenant in Lieu (combining lots/parcels with different ownership), Single Family use (signifies that a property is a single family home).

NOTE: This page does not refer to Public Works covenants, which involve property in the right-of-way.  Those can be found here. 


Determine What Covenant You Need 

Contact the City of Miami to confirm which type of covenant your project needs.

Collect Documents, Including Covenant Template

  • View the dropdown at the bottom of this page entitled "covenant template list" to find the covenant that best meets your project need, and download the template.  You will need to submit a completed covenant using the approved template with your application.

NOTE: All covenant templates are currently being finalized and will be made available as soon as possible. For an immediate request, please contact us at

  • If you are applying for a covenant in accordance with other applications (an Exception Permit, for example), please gather all required document(s) for your covenant as well any other permit application(s).

View Additional Permitting Forms and Documents

NOTE: If you are unable to locate the appropriate template, please contact us at to inquiry about a template.

Apply for Your Covenant

Covenant applications are in ePlan - if you don't have an account, you'll need to set one up.  Select “Request a Covenant/Development Agreement Review.” 

Apply for Covenant

Properly Name Documents for Upload

The application process requires a list of documents to be uploaded (view dropdown for lists, below). All drawings and documents are required to adhere to the City of Miami Standard Naming Convention

NOTE: If you do not name your documents correctly, your application will be delayed. 

Pay Upfront Fees

The City will create a transaction statement (invoice) to cover the review and eRecording fees. This invoice will be added to your ePlan/ProjectDox account. 

TIP: For Planning/Zoning applications, select “use transactional ID” on the payment screen. 


Show Proof of Payment

After you pay upfront fees, you'll have to upload a "Proof of Payment" into the Quick Review Workflow folder in ePlan/Project Dox. You can simply use a copy of the payment receipt you'll receive. 

Respond to Review, Submit Changes

  • Once your application has been prescreened for completeness and accuracy, it will undergo reviews by all involved departments. If there are required corrections, the covenant coordinator will send you comments back via ProjectDox.  

NOTE: The initial round of review of a covenant usually takes 30 days. 

TIP: We recommend monitoring comments by accessing project reports. The five most useful reports are the ProjectFlow-Changemarks, ProjectFlow-Checklist Items, Project Flow-Department Review Status, ProjectFlow-Review Details Report, and ProjectFlow-Workflow Routing Slip.

  • If additional corrections are required, you will receive an e-mail from with the subject “Resubmit Applicant Task,” with instructions regarding corrected sheets from additional reviews and approvals.

NOTE: If you are re-submitting corrected drawings and or documents, please name the corrected drawings and documents, the exact same name as you did in the initial submission. We will know it’s a new version, and we will review accordingly. 

Await Approval, Download Covenant

Corrections can (and often do) take numerous rounds of back and forth.  Once your application and documents have been approved, you will you will receive an e-mail from with the subject “Approved Plans” with instructions on how to retrieve the approved covenant and all other supporting documents.

You will need to log into ProjectDox and download your approved documents. 

Please find the templates, below. For any questions or additional immediate requests, please contact us at
NOTE: These are protected WORD documents and can not be changed.

20%-Attainable-Mixed-Income-with-Impact-Fee-Deferral-Covenant-Template(DOCX, 49KB)
40%-Attainable-Mixed-Income-with-Impact-Fee-Deferral-Covenant-Template(DOCX, 53KB)
Affordable_Workforce-Housing-Covenant-Template-Section-3.14-of-Miami-21-Public-Benefits(DOCX, 47KB)
Affordable-or-Workforce-Housing-Rezoning-Covenant(DOCX, 38KB)
Attainable-Mixed-Income-with-Impact-Fee-Deferral-Covenant(DOCX, 51KB)
Attainable-Workforce-Housing-Development-Covenant-pursuant-to-Section-3.16-Impact-Fee-Deferral(DOC, 63KB)
Covenant-Form-Rezoning(DOCX, 38KB)
Covenant-General-Various-Restrictions(DOCX, 38KB)
Covenant-in-Lieu-of-Unity-of-Title(DOCX, 30KB)
Joinder-by-Mortgagee-Declaration(DOCX, 29KB) 
Off-Site-Parking-Covenant(DOCX, 41KB)
Opinion-of-Title-form(DOCX, 26KB)
Release-of-Covenant-in-Lieu-of-Unity-of-Title(DOCX, 31KB)
Release-of-Restrictive-Covenant(DOCX, 34KB)
Release-Review-Committee-Affidavit-Applicant-Document(DOCX, 20KB)
Release-of- Unity-of-Title(DOCX, 33KB)
Shared-Access-Driveway-Covenant(DOC, 48KB)
Single-Family-Use-Covenant(DOCX, 37KB)
TDD-Covenant-Protected(DOCX, 36KB)
TDR-Covenant-Protected(DOCX, 37KB)
Unity-of-Title(DOCX, 58KB)
Workforce-or-Affordable-Housing-Covenant-Base-Form(DOCX, 37KB)

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