Request a Hearing With the Civil Service Board

Are you an employee in the City of Miami and would like to appeal a disciplinary action, or file a Grievance? Are you a resident or employee and wish to request an investigation into an abuse of power, or possible Whistleblower Act violation? You must file a written request for these actions.


Select Type of Hearing Request

  • You may use this form to request an Appeal (Rule 14), an Investigation (Rule 16.1), or a Grievance (Rule 16.2). Only classified, permanent employees may request an appeal. 
  • For an Appeal hearing, you must file a written request within 15 calendar days of the effective date of the forfeiture, suspension, demotion, or dismissal. A copy of disciplinary letter must be attached. Once you file an appeal with the Civil Service Board, you cannot file an appeal under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • For Investigations/Grievances, all supporting documentation must be submitted at the time of request. 
  • Once you have completed the form, you must submit to: Executive Secretary, Civil Service Board Office, or deliver to Miami Riverside Center (MRC), 444 SW 2nd Ave, 7th Floor (room 724). 

NOTE: All emails to City employees are public record. 

Request Form(PDF, 231KB)

See drop downs for further procedures pertaining to Appeals or Investigations/Grievances. 


Await Response from CSB

Upon submission of your appeal request, you will receive a letter from the Executive Secretary of the Civil Service Board Office within 30 days advising of the date, time, and location of your appeal hearing. Also included in the letter will be information pertaining to subpoenaing of witnesses.

NOTE: The Department has the burden of proof in appeal hearings.

Attend the Hearing Process

  • The appeal hearing is divided into two parts: the fact finding portion and the penalty portion. 
  • Should you be found guilty of any of the cited charges in the reprimand, the Board determines, in the form of a motion, whether or not it will amend or uphold the Department Director’s decision regarding the penalty given to you. A Findings/Recommendation report is then prepared by the Special Counsel for Board approval and subsequently forwarded to the City Manager for issuance of a Judgment.
  • The City Manager shall then sustain, reverse, or modify the action of the Department Director.   Issuance of a Judgment completes the Civil Service Board Appeal Process.  

NOTE: If you are not satisfied with the final decision of the City Manager, you can appeal to the Circuit Court.

The Grievances/Investigations and Whistleblower Process (CSB Rule 16) says you must file a written request for Investigation or Grievance hearing.

Await Response

  • After submitting your request form and supporting documentation, you will receive a letter from the Civil Service Board Office advising of the date, time, and location of your hearing request. 
  • Investigation or Grievance hearings are not automatic. You have to appear before the Board and the Board shall grant or deny the request. Should the Board grant the request, a hearing will be scheduled for a later date. 
  • In an Investigation hearing, if the Board finds that the violations were contrary to the intent and spirit of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations, it shall make a report to the affected Department Director and to the City Manager.
  • In a Grievance or Whistleblower hearing, the Board shall consider the matter, and promptly present its findings and recommendations to the City Manager for his/her consideration of a proper remedy, if a remedy is necessary.

NOTE: For these types of hearings, the requestor has the burden of proof.