Report a Damaged Sidewalk

Have you seen a damaged sidewalk in the City of Miami? The city maintains the sidewalks in order to facilitate safe pedestrian traffic. 


Determine the Problem.

Do you see a sidewalk that is broken into multiple pieces or has become un-level due to tree roots, equipment, etc? The city addresses sidewalk issues that interrupt pedestrian flow, may cause unsafe conditions, or greatly disturb the city's aesthetics. 

Ensure the Sidewalk is in the City of Miami.

We can not address sidewalk issues outside of the city limits (i.e. Miami Beach, Kendall, Miami-Dade, etc).

View the City Map

Determine the Location of the Sidewalk.

We need assistance finding the exact sidewalk in order to properly help you. One of the best ways to determine this is to record the closest house or street address that you can find.  

NOTE: If the sidewalk is connected to, or is part of a driveway, it will be the property owner’s responsibility to repair

Take a Photo if Possible.

A photograph will help to ensure that the sidewalk is quickly recognized.  

Submit Your Request.

Call 311 to report the damaged sidewalk. If repair is deemed necessary, within two weeks, the city will temporarily "safe up" the sidewalk until further action can be scheduled. After that, a long-term plan will be put in place. If you would like to learn more about the city's plan of action, feel free to call Public Works at (305) 960-2870.