Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Division

The Sandra DeLucca Developmental Center (SDDC) complies with Federal and State Laws and Regulations that govern the care of individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as, the City of Miami's Department of Parks and Recreation, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), and Qlarant which is the monitoring agency for APD.

Our Vision: Deliver quality programs and services that foster successful outcomes for Individuals with Disabilities.

Our Mission: Educate individuals with disabilities through inclusive access to community-based educational, recreational, leisure, and cultural activities that enhance quality of life and inspire independence.

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We offer training services intended to support the participation of individuals in valued routines of the community including accessing community resources, self-advocacy, daily living skills, social skills, volunteering, and job exploration.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Full-Time and Part-Time Schedules Available 

For more information, please contact Gemma Tena Fresneda at 305-960-4971

ADT Program Flyer(PDF, 93KB)

Project SEARCH Miami (PSM) is a one-year School-To-Work Transition Program designed for students (18-22 years of age) with disabilities who are pursuing employment. The program targets students who will benefit from full time career exploration training within the City of Miami's various training sites.
For more information, please contact Marta Castillo at 786-472-0818.

PSM is a collaborative between the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and other agencies.  

G.E.T. F.I.T. is an afterhours fee based physical fitness and sports training program focusing on sport skills for adults 18 years old or older with developmental disabilities who are registered Special Olympics athletes.  

Days are based on the school calendar: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

For more information, please contact Willie Johnson at 305-960-4968.

G.E.T. F.I.T. Flyer(PDF, 1MB)

M.A.G.I.C is a recreational program that believes in an inclusive community in which all people with and without disabilities recreate, play, and learn together. Some of the programs offered are: S.N.A.P. Plan (Support Request Process), wheelchair tennis and hand cycling.

Locations and times vary. For more information, contact Jocelyn Lata at 305-960-4962.

Hand Cycling Flyer(PDF, 130KB)

VIP S.T.A.2R.S. is for adults ages 55 or older with or without disabilities to participate in a variety of recreational activities. Activities include Café SDDC, dominos, computer lab, organized arts and crafts, physical activities, community events, and more.

November 2021 Calendar(PDF, 132KB)

For additional information, please contact Jocelyn Lata at 305-960-4962. 

VIP S.T.A.2R.S. Flyer(PDF, 583KB)

Camp Shriver is an inclusive camp for children with disabilities (ages 14-22) and without disabilities (ages 14-18). The camp focuses on social and sport skills. The program is 6 weeks and based on the school summer calendar.

For more information, please contact Willie Johnson at 305-960-4968.

Camp Shriver is a collaboration between the City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department, Dade Amateur Golf Association First Tee, and Special Olympics Miami-Dade County.

During the year we offer many sponsored events. These events provide to the consumers and guests with special needs social and recreational activities.

For more information, please call Jenny Kelchner at 305-960-4966.