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The Department of Resilience and Public Works (RPW) is responsible for engineering design and technical standards, permitting and regulation of construction of public improvements, and the repair and maintenance of City-maintained streets (potholes, flooding, tree trimming, ROW aesthetics, etc.), alleys, sidewalks, curbs, drainage, bridges, canals, and trolleys within the City of Miami public right-of-way. Integrating sustainable practices and climate resilience into daily operations.

Department Head

Juvenal Santana, Jr., P.E., CFM

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Mr. Santana is responsible for overseeing the platting/subdivision regulations of the City, engineering regulatory functions and maintenance of city streets, as well as certain County and State roads maintained by the City under agreements. A licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager, Juvenal brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of engineering, design, project management, construction inspections and maintenance programming.

Mr. Santana received his Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Civil Engineering from Florida International University (Miami) in 2004 and 2001.






All standards for design and construction, previously found on the City’s website, have been updated as of September 24, 2020.

To obtain the City’s current engineering design and construction standards from the Department of Resilience and Public Works, please contact us at:

The Maintenance Operations Division is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the City’s public right-of-way areas. Our teams work year-round to provide safe streets, sidewalks, and roadways. This Division receives and processes service requests through the 311 Direct Service Hub. Services for repairing potholes, sidewalks, tree trimming/pruning (on public property) and storm drain cleaning can be requested through the 311 Direct Service Hub.

The Maintenance Operations Division is comprised of four sections: Landscape/Mowing, Streets, Stormwater Utility, and Trees.


The Streets Maintenance team is responsible for providing quality maintenance and repairs to damaged City roads, sidewalks and curbs. The team performs maintenance to swales, pothole patching, fills trash holes and resets traffic signs.


The Tree Maintenance team is responsible for maintaining the City’s urban forest. The team performs tree trimming, tree debris removal, planting, clearing encroachments on the right-of-way, clearing visual obstructions and tree/stump removals. The team maintains trees in the public right-of-way in order to establish and keep a healthy canopy.

Mowing & Landscape:

The Mowing & Landscape Maintenance team performs year-round maintenance to the City’s public right-of-ways, medians, public alleys, and city owned lots. Services include litter control, weeding, trimming, roadside mowing and vegetation control maintenance.

Stormwater Utility:

The Stormwater Maintenance team cleans and maintains the City’s stormwater system (manholes, storm drains, inlets and pipes, outfalls and catch basins). The team performs minor repairs of storm drainage systems, damaged inlets and pipes, frames and covers.

Survey Division:

Phone: 305-416-1232

Apply for Plat Approval

Platting Process: Accepts and reviews Tentative Plat applications. Prepares agenda for the Plat and Street Committee. Reviews alley closure and reconfiguration. Reviews Final Plats. Prepares legislation for City Commission action. Sends the Final Plat to Miami-Dade County for its recordation. 

Survey Work: Establishes and maintains a network of horizontal and vertical control points. Collects topographic data for drainage improvements purposes. Line and Grade staking of City of Miami Base Building Line for sidewalks, curbs and gutters related to building permits. 

General: Provides right-of- way widths, benchmark elevations, plat information, etc. to architects, engineers, surveyors and the general public. When processing a building permit base building lines will be established by the Public Works plan reviewers. Maintains records and documents concerning the public right-of-way. Updates City of Miami Atlas sheets with Recorded Deed information.  

Development Roadways and Plans 

Phone: 305-416-1200

Get a Public Works Covenant/Agreement

Summary of Duties:

  • Conducts engineering plan reviews for land development/building permit-related applications. 
  • Subdivision-related properties: Performs reviews of tentative plat submittals, prepares estimates of subdivision improvement bonds, performs reviews of subdivision right of way improvement engineering plans, prepares subdivision improvement bond agreements, prepares hold harmless agreements, conducts assessment of completion of subdivision improvements, performs reviews of subdivision improvement as-built surveys, administers subdivision improvement bonds.
  • Conducts reviews and provides recommendations for plans submitted by Capital Improvement and Transportation Program, Miami-Dade County, and Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Conducts inspections of public improvements on private projects including driveway approaches, sidewalks, paving, curbs and gutters, swales, and waterfront improvements. Inspects right of way conditions for compliance with the approved plans and Engineering Standards and Bulletins. 
  •  Prepares, processes, and administers covenants and various city agreements and waivers which include:  

    1. Non-Standard Right of Way Improvements
    2. Non-Standard Driveway Approach
    3. Private Utilities in the Right of Way
    4. Temporary Encroachments
    5. Sidewalk Postponement
    6. Perpetual Easements
    7. Postponement of Subdivision Improvements
    8. Subdivision Improvement Bond Agreement
    9. Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Establishes process criteria for plan reviews, inspections, covenant application and various legal agreements. 
  • Handles a variety of public contact information involving complaints and problem resolution, technical, or engineering issues.
  • Recommends resolutions to the Public Works Director on all issues related to plan reviews, inspections, and covenant applications.
  • Develops engineering standard details (new standards and modifications/improvements to existing standards) to be incorporated into City of Miami Public Works Engineering Standard Details.
  • Conducts Plat and Street Committee monthly meetings for reviews of tentative plats of subdivisions and recommendations to the Zoning Board for right of way vacations.
  • Processes and administers telecommunications agreements/registrations.
  • Conducts review of Planning and Zoning applications. 


Trolley Information: Get City of Miami trolley information, schedules, and maps. View live tracking of trolleys, view maps of each route, and see detours and holiday schedules.

Request traffic Calming on a Street: Report a traffic concern in your neighborhood.

Request On-Demand Transportation: Instructions to submit a request for On-Demand Transportation, a free transportation service provided by the City of Miami to the elderly and persons with special needs that are residents of the City of Miami.

Phone: 305-416-1200

Manages and coordinates the planning, design, and construction of capital projects; Coordinates various teams and resources to maintain and improve City’s infrastructure.



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