Request a Special Appearance Hearing

Is there a property in the City of Miami with an OPEN violation that resulted in a lien running against the property?  Did this lien attached (cross-over) to other real properties in Miami-Dade County? 

Eligible persons can request a special appearance hearing before the Code Enforcement Board to partially release the non-violating property which has a cross-over lien due to open property violations in the City of Miami.



Determine Your Eligibility.

Only the owner(s), a buyer(s, or someone with legal standing (i.e. Legal Counsel, Power of Attorney) on behalf of the owner(s) or buyer(s) can request this type of hearing. All Power of Attorney forms must be notarized and will be reviewed by the Legal Department.

NOTE: You will be required to upload the Power of Attorney document in PDF format when completing the questionnaire to request a hearing.

What You Will Need.

  • Case Number/Lien Number of City of Miami Lien: The case number can be found on the Notice of Violation (e.g. CE2018000000). A lien number can be found on the results of a lien search. 
  • Address of City of Miami Property: This is the address of the property in the City of Miami with the open code violation.  
  • Address of Miami-Dade County Property. This is the address of the non-violating property in Miami-Dade County that is requesting the partial release. 
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable.  
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All documents and information submitted for a public hearing become a public record available to anyone who seeks public information. It is important that you do not submit any sensitive information.

Request a Special Appearance Hearing for Partial Release.

Start the request for hearing process by answering the questionnaire below. 

Request a Partial Release Hearing

What Happens Next?

  • Your request will be reviewed along with your supporting documentation (Power of Attorney, if applicable).
  • If your submission is approved, you will be placed on the next available agenda.
  • You will receive notification through email of your hearing date, time, and location within 3-5 business days. 
  • At the hearing, the Code Enforcement Board will make a ruling regarding the request for partial release. 

-A Partial Release is not guaranteed to be granted by the Board.
-The City shall not provide a partial release of any lien to the party who actually committed the violation. 2-817(h)(5)