Access Current City Procurement Contracts

Do you want to see the current contracts for Goods & Services and/or for Architecture & Engineering and Construction that the City is using? The City works with a variety of vendors for products and services, view the list here. 


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  • The City details all awarded contracts for goods and services (i.e. fire equipment, benefits consulting, oils & lubricants, cleaning services, playground equipment, etc.).
  • The City details all awarded contracts for Architecture & Engineering design, construction and construction management services
  • Anyone from the public may view these contracts through Procurement's webpage.
  • If you are looking for a contract related to real estate/leases, you will have to contact The Department of Real Estate and Asset Management (DREAM) at (305) 416-1450.

Visit the Contract Page.


Click Here to Enter the Contracts Database

  • Utilize the search bars for specific query needs.
  • Each column is sortable and you can view 50 options at one time, select the "Next 50" on the top right to move to the next page.
  • Click the highlighted contract number on the left to view details and supporting documents (solicitation documents, contract, amendments, proposal/bid submittal for the awardee, purchase orders, etc.).
  • Click the hyperlinked attachments under the contract documents section to view specific documents.