Get a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)

Are you opening a new business and have finished your CU (or you didn't need one)? Every business needs to obtain a Business Tax Receipt to operate in the City (also known as an Occupational License). 

In addition, every business is also required to obtain a Miami-Dade County Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an Occupational License).

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Step 1.Finalize Certificate of Use (CU), if Necessary

Most businesses need a CU before they can get a BTR. You will need to present a copy of your CU.

Exception: Peddlers, Food Trucks, or if you do not have a physical location in the City of Miami, but you are doing business here. If your business falls in this category, go directly to the BTR application, below. 

Get a Certificate of Use (CU)

Step 2.Collect Documents, Prepare Information

You must provide:

  • The Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) for your Business. (Your Social Security Number is acceptable if you're using your legal name as your business name.)
  • If this is for a hotel, restaurant, or convenience store, do you have the proper State of Florida Licensing?

If your BTR is State-regulated, the following are required, if applicable:

  • State License for Business
  • State License for each Professional
  • Social Security Number for each Professional
  • Government-Issued Photo Identification

Step 3.Complete Form

  • You can now complete your BTR application online. 

Apply for BTR

Step 4.Address any Outstanding Issues, Get Approval

  • The City will let you know via email if any problems need to be addressed.
  • If your application is approved, an invoice will be provided to you via email. 

Step 5.Pay Invoice

Pay online with a credit card, using your customer number. 

Pay Online Now

Step 6.Await License

You will receive an interim BTR license via email.

Step 7.Don't Forget the Miami-Dade County Process

Every business is also required to get a Miami-Dade Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an Occupational License).

Apply to County