El Patio 305

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El Patio 305 is an original restaurant with a unique culinary experience concept, founded by Witmar Jara and his family, right in the middle of Miami Coral Way, where innovation prevails with our Colombian and Latin gastronomy plates, remarkable variety, quality and flavor. Living the experience at El Patio 305 is taking those Latin American flavors to your palate that are nowadays part of the current history of Miami.

The variety of Colombian gastronomy is the result of food fusion, practices and culinary traditions of local Indo-American, European (mainly Spanish) and African cultures. When adding a dose of local culture to our fresh, natural product based food; we obtain our typical dishes that are known worldwide for their variety and colorfulness. Come and live EL PATIO 305 experience in Miami.


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2093 Coral Way, Miami 33145  View Map

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