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Playhouse Miami is a Performing Arts Studio that brings people and artists together in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience in the arts. Submerge yourself in the mind of an artist and experience art, dance, music, and theater like never before.

Playhouse Miami was founded in 2016 by Naomi and Steve St Gerard. It started as a capstone project; a graduation requirement of the MS in Business Management at Barry University. All candidates were required to build and launch a new business. Together they fused their love for the performing arts and entrepreneurial expertise to successfully launch Playhouse Miami as a private performing arts experience company in 2016. Naomi and Steve always dreamed of expanding the business to serve their community. With the help of Nicole Vasconcelos (her sister) and Steve, Playhouse Miami now has the ability to provide exceptional training and experience in the arts to the South Florida community in its new home located in Hialeah, FL. 


People who sign up through visiting this website will get a free playhouse Miami T-shirt.


2800 West 84th Street, Bay #3 & 4 Hialeah, Miami 33018  View Map

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