YasDesign LLC


A design agency based in Miami, Florida. We create custom merchandise for businesses and individual customers, those merchandise will be always available on demand and anyone can order them on Amazon.


Are You Overwhelmed Trying To Acquire New Customers For Your Business?
Whether you’re a big business or just starting out, there’s always room for growth and improvement when it comes to customers acquisition!

This Is Our Unique & Unconventional Way Of Promoting All Types Of Businesses And Startups.
We will add your business name or logo on some cool merchandise and list those merchandise on amazon under our design agency account. Your business name will get in front of millions of shoppers daily being online and available all the time.

You, Your Customers And Your Family & Friends
Can seamlessly order those merchandise and receive them in 48 hours with free shipping as everything will be Amazon Prime.
Our service will certainly create an unprecedented marketing opportunity for your business, moreover you will enjoy having your own business merchandise always available on Amazon and ready when you need them.

We normally charge 300$ one time setup fees and we can offer the service to any business based in Miami at 50% discount.



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