WDRC Signage Guidelines and Recommendations

General Requirements

If you're within the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD-1), you need to follow specific guidelines when applying for a sign permit. Please follow these requirements.

The City of Miami's sign regulations can found in Miami21, Article 10. Additionally, buildings in the NRD-1 must follow the below requirements provided by the Wynwood Design Review Committee. 

Items Encouraged

  • Authentic, handcrafted signs using real materials in an authentic way
    • Examples include: Steel, iron, wood, etc.
  • Painted wall signs
  • Signs reflective of Wynwood’s industrial past
  • Hand-lettered or hand-painted signs
  • Pin-mounted letters - front or back lit
  • Artistic, innovative design with creative use of materials and lighting
  • Signage location and type should be carefully coordinated with wall material and colors and any murals and/or art
  • Multi-tenant buildings are encouraged to present an overall signage concept (Master Signage Plan) indicating location and generally intended sign types for individual tenants
    • Tenants must still make separate applications

Items Discouraged

  • Box signs (lit or unlit) of any size or shape
  • Signs on extensive and/or thick back plates
  • Surface applied vinyl lettering or appliques
  • Standard shopping center or strip mall signs
  • Thick, bulky or out-of-scale signs, less is more
  • Use of faux wood, stone, or other simulated materials
  • Exterior conduit or electrical connections
  • Standard corporate or franchise signs
    • Logos and typefaces may be used but materials, lighting, size, etc. must be representative of the character of Wynwood