Coastal and Stormwater Infrastructure

As a coastal city, City of Miami is susceptible to sea level rise, flooding, and storm surge. Hardening the city’s coastline with natural and built (green and gray) structures in combination with stormwater infrastructure is a component of the city’s flood adaptation strategy. The City is in the process of developing an updated comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan & coastal infrastructure plan that will provide solutions to protect Miami from increasing flood risks for the next 40-50 years. Throughout the duration of the program the City will be engaging with residents to hear their concerns and feedback – their input will be incorporated into the master plan recommendations. 

Excavator truck at Little River Pocket Park


Stormwater Master Plan Update

The City is updating its Stormwater Master Plan. This update will provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the city’s roads, drainage infrastructure, and water management features
  • Recommendations on infrastructure improvements that will reduce the frequency, severity, duration, and impact of flooding events
  • Informed recommendations for multiple sea level rise scenarios
  • Cost benefit analysis to prioritize the City’s investments and inform Capital Improvements Plan
  • Updated design standards for developers and land use and building code recommendations
  • Tools and training for City staff

The Stormwater Master Plan will consider:

  •  Climatic patterns
  • Ground water levels
  • Rainfall
  • Sea level rise projections
  • Water quality
  • Salt water intrusion
  • Storm surge
  • Land use
  • Protection of Biscayne Bay and other natural features
  • Resilient natural and built coastal features and infrastructure
  • Current and future regulatory environments
  • Desired levels of service

Miami Forever Bond

To address future climate conditions, improve social equity, and facilitate economic growth, resources and funding are required. In November 2017, City residents voted in favor of the Miami Forever Bond. The Miami Forever Bond is a $400 million General Obligation Bond that will fund a series of projects that will enhance the City’s resiliency and help to alleviate existing and future risks to our residents, economy, tourism and the city’s legacy. The Miami Forever Bond has $192 million allocated towards sea level rise mitigation and flood prevention.

The first tranche of flood prevention projects will focus on low-cost high result investments such as tidal backflow prevention valves and additional capacity at current pump stations.  Future funded projects will be informed by the Stormwater Master Plan and will aim to minimize flooding frequency, severity, duration and impact; protect critical infrastructure and high-use areas; and reduce financial and economic vulnerability.