Private Provider Program

1. General Information

Rev. 01-03-2022

The use of Private Providers is authorized by law in Section 553.791, Florida Statutes, Alternative Plans Review and Inspection. The Private Provider is contracted by the Owner to provide building code inspection services, but in technical matters is subject to the authority of the Building Official. Private Provider services may include inspections only, or plans review and inspections. The City of Miami will not allow plans review only. The Private Provider’s role may be modified at any time by submitting a revised “NTBO”, subject to the restrictions set forth below.

An Owner may elect to use a Private Provider at any time. However, the Private Provider is recognized only after the City of Miami reviews and accepts the “Notice to Building Official” (NTBO). All documentation must use official City of Miami forms, except that inspection reports may show the Private Provider’s letterhead.

Private Provider’s role. Private Providers may review plans and perform inspections for the following disciplines only: Building, Roofing, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing. All other disciplines (Zoning, Fire, Public Works, etc.) are handled by the City.

Changing the Private Provider during plans review. If the Private Provider is terminated, or otherwise fails to complete the plan reviews and issue the appropriate affidavits, the Owner may find another Private Provider to finish the reviews and assume all responsibility. Alternatively, the City may take over the plan reviews, but will conduct a full re-review of all disciplines.

Changing the Private Provider during inspections. If the Private Provider is terminated, or otherwise fails to complete the inspections and issue the final compliance documents, the Owner must secure another Private Provider to take over the inspection duties until the completion of the project. The City of Miami will not take over inspection duties.

Fee adjustments for building permits. A reduction in permit fees may apply, as follows: For plans review and inspections, the building department portion of the permit fees will be reduced by up to one third (33.33%). For inspections only (or if the City began to review the plans before the Private Provider election was finalized), the fees will be reduced by up to one half of one third (16.67%).

Private Providers must be registered with the City of Miami. A registration package is available on our website, or upon request to

Here is the list of the current Private Providers: 

Private-Provider-Registered-Firms-Contact-Information.pdf(PDF, 191KB)

For questions on the City of Miami’s Private Provider program, or about the registration process, contact John R.F. Porfiri, RA, Quality Control Manager, at 

R01-PP-General-Information-2022.pdf(PDF, 243KB)

2. Guide to Using the Official Forms

Rev. 01-03-2022 

The City of Miami Building Department requires the use of our own forms for Private Provider-related functions, including company registration. All documents are designed to be in compliance with Chapter 553.791, F.S. “Alternative Plans Review and Inspection” regulating the use of Private Providers. To avoid unnecessary difficulties with our permitting and inspection processes, these documents must be executed properly. Please read carefully. 

Registration Documents: 

Private Providers must register their firm with the City of Miami, and are advised to complete the registration process before attempting to submit documents for permitting. Private Provider firms may not provide building code inspection services until their qualifications have been verified by the Building Department staff. Registrations are renewed annually each March or as required by the Building Official. 

Please note: These documents are to be used for initial registration or renewals only— not for each project to be permitted. 

Form R.1--- Identification Page 553.791(16)(b) 

The following supplemental information is also required: 

1. Business: 

• Name and DBPR license number for the firm’s qualifying professional. Engineering firms may provide their Registry number alone. Architecture businesses and engineering businesses may not be qualified by a Building Code Administrator (Building Official). 

• Occupational (Business) license for the firm’s principal place of business. 

2. Insurance: 

• Certificate of professional liability insurance as required by FS 553.791(17). The certificate (COI) must be sent directly by the insurance company to The certificate holder must read as follows: 

City of Miami Building Department 

444 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33130 

3. Personnel: 

• Resumes and copies of professional licenses for all Private Providers and all Duly Authorized Representatives regulated by F.S. Chapter 481 (Architects), Chapter 471 (Engineers) and Chapter 468 (Building Code Administrators and Inspectors). 

• Photocopies of driver licenses for all personnel listed above. Must be legible. 

Form R.2--- Employment Affidavit for all Licensed Personnel 553.791(8) 

The following supplemental information is also required: 

1. Licenses for all personnel regulated by F.S. Chapter 481 (Architects), Chapter 471 (Engineers) and Chapter 468, Part XII (Building Code Administrators and Inspectors). 

Page 2 of

Private Provider Election Documents: 

Form A.1--- Notice to Building Official (NTBO) 553.791(4) 

The Notice to Building Official is executed by the fee owner of the project, and officializes the use of a Private Provider. It specifies the scope of services to be performed— either plans review and inspections, or inspections only. A separate NTBO is required for each master permit or stand-alone permit, but not for sub-permits or additional plans (shop drawings) which are associated with the master permit. 

Form A.2--- Personnel Identification & Job Site Directory 553.791(4) 

This document identifies all Private Providers and Duly Authorized Personnel to be used on the project. NOTE: A second copy is to be posted at the job site during construction. 

Form A.3--- Change of Private Provider Services 553.791(4) 

This is required to change from one Private Provider firm to another, or to terminate the Private Provider and opt for City of Miami plan reviews/inspections, or to change the services being performed by the Private Provider. A revised NTBO (Form A.1) is required. 

Plans Review Documents: 

Form B.1--- Plan Compliance Affidavit 553.791

R0 - Guide To Using The Official Registration Forms - 2023(PDF, 331KB)