Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Marshal

Ruben Diaz, Assistant Fire Chief
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If you have a fire prevention-related concern you'd like to bring to our attention, please complete this Fire Prevention Concern Form

The Fire Prevention B(FPB) is responsible for Certificate of Use/Fire Safety Permit inspections and Plans Review for construction as well as the yearly Certificate of Occupancy program. Fire Prevention also conduct water flow tests, monitor the hydrant and water supply system throughout the City of Miami, and conduct annual life safety inspections in all existing businesses, new business applications, marinas, hospitals and institutional properties within City of Miami jurisdictions. The Investigation Section responds to all fires of suspicious origins.

New Construction

Contact: Captain Julio Dominguez, 305-416-1668

New Construction conducts highly technical inspections ensuring that all phases of buildings under construction meet the required Fire and Life Safety Codes. For questions about this service, please contact

After-Hours Inspection Requests

For questions, please contact

Certificate of Use

Get a Fire Inspection for a Certificate of Use (CU)

If you have a question about your CU inspection, please Email: or call Phone #: 305-416-1600.

Get a Certificate of Use (CU)

Daycares & Schools

Get an Inspection for the Department of Children and Families (DCF)

Have you received an invoice for a false alarm?

View your alarm history and submit a payment if it is necessary. If your alarm system is no longer active or you are leaving the location in which the alarm system is installed, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau via phone, fax or by

Complete Fire False Alarm Form 

View False Alarm Fees

View City of Miami Ordinance Regarding Fire Alarms

If you're seeking records for a rescue (car accident, medical rescue, etc). or fire report, you must:

Make a Public Records Request

You can pay online at that page.


  • If you're applying for a special event, you need to start here.

Apply for a Special Events Permit

  • If you have questions about a special event pertaining to fire prevention, please contact:


Alternate Phone305-416-1697 or

Get a Fireworks or Pyrotechnics Permit

For any questions, please contact Lt. Joselin Fernandez,, 305-416-1679.

Get a Hydrant Flow/Fire Flow Test

Get a Floating Meter Permit


Fire Investigation

This section is dispatched to property fires and conducts follow-up investigations on other types of classified fires. Our Investigation Unit acts as liaisons with various law enforcement and investigative agencies. They are responsible for proper evidence collection and chain of custody; contact and follow-up with insurance company representatives in relation to fires; prepare for pre-file conferences and depositions on criminal and civil cases, and prosecute all criminal cases to the full extent of the law.

For questions about this service, please contact:
Lt. JC Llanes
Phone: 305-416-1666

If you'd like to make a Public Records Request about a Fire Report, please send an email to and include:

  1. Date of the fire/loss
  2. Alarm number (if you have it)
  3. Property address