Planning Department Staff & Contact Information

Name  Title Phone Number Email
 Director's Office
Lakisha Hull  Director 305-416-1417        
David Snow  Assistant Director 305-416-1474
Sevanne Steiner  Assistant Director 305-416-1081
Erica Lee Assistant to the Director 305-416-2031
VACANT Administrative Assistant II NA  NA
Sarah Page Administrative Assistant I 305-416-1425
Wendy Iglesias Planning Asst/TEMP 305-416-1400
Carmen Triana Clerical Aide NA
Marianela Oves Clerical Aide NA
Daniella Zegarra Special Projects Coordinator Pending
Leyla Bonilla  Business Systems Administrator

Beatriz Alvarez Legislative Coordinator

Special Projects Division 
Efren Nunez Senior Planning Project Manager 305-416-1402
Indra Alam Public Art Manager 305-416-1096
Luiz Lam Park Planner 305-416-2034
Claudia Diaz Planner I 305-416-1680
 Alba de la Paz Special Projects Coordinator - PT 305-416-1402
 Comprehensive Planning Division
Sue Trone Chief of Comprehensive Planning 305-416-1445
Ryan Shedd Principal Planner 305-416-1315
Kathryn Angleton Planner II 305-416-1193
Joshua Gloster Planner II 305-416-1095
Jacqueline Ellis Planner II 305-416-2038
Devon Anderson GIS Data Specialist 305-416-1685
Thomas Smoot-Russell Special Projects Coordinator/DRI 305-416-1473
 Hearing Boards Division
Olga Zamora Chief of Hearing Boards 305-416-2037
Nicole Sanders Hearing Boards Coordinator

Florence Thelusma Hearing Boards Specialist II 305-416-2036
Meloni Fincher Hearing Boards Specialist II 305-416-2032
Aleksander Sanchez Hearing Boards Specialist I 305-416-1423
Myles Wedderburn Administrative Asst I 305-416-1462
 Historic and Environmental Preservation Division
Kenneth Kalmis Interim Preservation Officer 305-416-1551
VACANT Historic Preservation Planner NA NA
VACANT  Historic Preservation Planner  NA  NA
Adrian Espinosa Historic Preservation Planner 305-416-1418
Gabriel Alviarez Planning Technician 305-416-1433
 Land Development Division
Vickie Toranzo Chief of Land Development 305-416-1470
VACANT Planning Project Manager NA NA
Maxwell Utter Planner II 305-416-1478
Darren Murphy Planner II 305-416-1428
Zhaokai (Kyle) Liu Planner II 305-416-1405
Richard Cody Brown Planner I 305-416-1409
Ricardo Lopez-Aldana Planning Technician 305-416-1601
Melany Lastra Planning Technician 305-416-1424
 Urban Design Division
Graham Jones Chief of Urban Design 305-416-1453
Matthew Nahrstedt Planner II 305-416-1459
Andrea Sandoval Planner II 305-416-1059
Samantha Maldonado Planner II 305-416-1408
Earlene Lutes-Brown Planning Technician 305-416-1051