Neighborhood Revitalization District-1 (NRD-1)

The Planning Department collaborated with the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) to establish the City of Miami’s first Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD) within the Wynwood Arts District.

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Wynwood Neighborhood Background

The Wynwood District was known for manufacturing, clothing retail, and logistic companies. The American Bakeries Company, and Coca-Cola were a few big names known in the area. Eventually, the companies started to leave, and the neighborhood declined.

Wynwood bounced back in the 1990's because of various art galleries that opened in the area. As popularity in the district grew, a demand for development increased. The City of Miami working with the Wynwood BID established the City's first Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD-1) on September 24, 2015. Wynwood is now known as the Wynwood Art Districts after the change that brought life back to this part of Miami.

NRD-1 Concept

Wynwood is becoming a global destination for art, fashion, innovation, and creative enterprise. It is vital that the Wynwood Arts District accommodate new uses, development, and open space opportunities. To do this, NRD-1 established a series of protective land development regulations. Regulations transition the existing Wynwood Industrial District into an active, diverse, mixed-use Neighborhood. In NRD-1, a developer may gain more Building capacity by contributing to programs that benefit the public. Programs include Affordable Housing, Parks and Open Spaces, and Wynwood Trust Fund contribution.

Goals of the NRD-1 are:

  • Preserve the unique street art and Industrial characteristics of Wynwood. 
  • Allow Commercial (shops, art galleries, etc.) and Civic (Privately-owned Public Open Space).

There are City Code chapters that contribute to the regulation of Wynwood NRD-1. The following is a collection of those chapters and a summary of how they affect your project: 


The community is invited to be an active participant in the development of the City. There will be several community outreach meetings held.  

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