Zoning Interpretations

Zoning interpretations are a collection of legal interpretations that further clarify The City's zoning code. 
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Zoning-Interpretation-2022-0001-Tandem-Parking(PDF, 234KB) - Superseded and rendered moot by Ord. 14055, adopted 3/10/2022 which codified the two (2) vehicle limitation per tandem parking stall. 

Zoning Interpretation No. 2020-0001 - Affordable Housing(PDF, 150KB)
Zoning Interpretation No. 2020-0002 - Principal Frontage(s)(PDF, 159KB)

Zoning Interpretation 2022-0002 T4-R Bed and Breakfast by Warrant(PDF, 607KB) - NOTE: This decision was overturned by PZAB.
Notice to NET offices sent 6/30/22, appeal period extended to 7/15/22 (6/30/22 + 15 days).