Guide to Doing Business With the City of Miami

1. Overview

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2. Introduction

Purpose: To provide the City of Miami’s (City) vendors and prospective suppliers a comprehensive guide of the necessary tools and information to compete for business with the City

• The City is the largest municipality in South Florida.
• The City provides a marketplace for all goods and services, architecture and   engineering design services, and construction.
• The City is constantly looking for new sources of supply and welcomes the public’s participation in an effort to stimulate mutually beneficial business relationships.
• In FY2018-2019, the City’s Procurement Department (Procurement) issued over 17,000 purchase orders and/or blanket releases to over 1,300 unique suppliers, totaling approximately $246 million.

3. Formal Procurement Methods

Purpose: Formal procurement methods are used where it is both practicable and advantageous for both the City and the suppliers.

Invitation for Bid (IFB) / Invitation to Bid (ITB):

• Formal competitive sealed bidding process for goods/services and construction exceeding $25,000 when specifications and standards are uniform.
• Principle bid evaluation criteria is lowest price meeting specifications.
• Award is made to the lowest priced responsive and responsible Bidder.

Invitation to Quote (ITQ):

*** Please be aware, if you are currently reading this message, then this particular Procurement methodology is currently not applicable.****

• Sealed bidding award methodology for construction projects under the pre-qualification pool of contractors for the City’s construction projects.
• Bidders must be qualified under the pool to participate in the competition.
• Award is made to the lowest, responsive and responsible, pre-qualified Bidder.

Request for Proposals (RFP) / Request for Qualifications (RFQ):

• Formal competitive sealed proposals used to acquire personal and  professional services when services may vary depending on provider.
• Award is made to the responsive and responsible proposer whose proposal   is determined to meet and/or supersede all requirements, considering the   weighted evaluation factors set forth in the solicitation.

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4. Formal Procurement Guidelines

Purpose: To provide the vendors, that desire to do business with the City, a framework of thresholds for the types of solicitations and the requirements to expect.

Bid Requirements for Goods & Services (IFB):

  •  Over $25,000 - Competitive sealed bids, public notice and public opening.
  •  Awarded by: City Manager ($25,001 to $50,000) City Commission (Over $50,000)    

Bid Requirements for Construction Services (ITB):

• Over $25,000 - Competitive sealed bids, public notice, and public opening. Awarded by: City Manager ($25,001 to $100,000) City Commission (Over $100,000)

Bid Requirements for Construction Pre-qualification Pool (ITQ):

• Up to $20,000,000 for Construction projects – Expedited, competitive sealed    bidding process among only pre-qualified vendors. Awarded by: City Manager (up to $2,000,00) City Commission ($2,000,001-$20,000,000)

Requirements for Services (RFP and RFQ):

• Over $50,000 - Competitive sealed Proposals, public notice and receipt of Proposals recorded by City Clerk. Awarded by: City Commission

5. Proposers/Bidder/Supplier Responsibilities

• Ensure that the Supplier information remains current in the iMiami database.

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• Comply with all required conditions in the solicitation. Any addition, deviation or omission may be grounds for disqualification.
• Provide a reasonable and competitive price. Once the solicitation opens, the response and pricing cannot be changed unless negotiated.
• Responses to Informal solicitations (up to $25,000) can be submitted electronically via the GovQuote system, fax and/or email.
• Submit responses to Formal solicitations ($25,001 and up) by the specified due date and time as directed in the solicitation.
• Formal solicitations shall be submitted electronically through the City's BidSync portal.
• Late bids, or those delivered to a location other than the one stipulated in the solicitation, will NOT be considered.
• DO NOT perform any services, or provide any goods, until vendor has received a Purchase Order or Blanket Release for the same.
• Promptly and accurately perform services or fill orders and submit invoices to proper locations as indicated on the Purchase Order.

6. Insurance Requirements

Purpose: The City requires proper insurance/ indemnification based on the cost and type of services to be performed.

• The City requires a Certificate of Insurance specific to each project and requires the certificate to be have current effective dates.
• All Certificates of Insurance must name the City of Miami as an Additional Insured, and has to be approved by the City’s Risk Management Department.


The VENDOR/CONTRACTOR/CONSULTANT (AS APPLICABLE) agrees to provide and maintain throughout the life of this contract and at Vendor/Contractor/ Consultant’s expense insurance coverage outlined herewith as applicable insuring all operations related to the contract and any extensions thereof.

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

Statutory requirements per Chapter 440, Florida Statutes, as amended, are applicable, and this coverage is subject to the Laws of the State of Florida. This coverage protects against lawsuits stemming from workplace accidents. It provides for medical care to injured employees, along with compensation for lost income.

Commercial General Liability

It protects against accidents and injuries that occur on company property or the property of a customer. It compensates an injured person or owner of property for injuries and property damages, and the cost of defending lawsuits, including legal settlements or investigations. This policy also covers claims resulting from products exposures, libel, slander, copyright infringement, and other personal and advertisement injuries.

Commercial Automobile Liability

It protects against liability, no fault, medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorists claims, collision and other than collision physical damage. In addition, this policy affords coverage on autos that are hired or borrowed or non-owned for use in the business. The non-owned can be autos owned by employees or members of their households.

Non-Owned Auto exposures can be endorsed or added under the Commercial General Liability Policy.

Professional/Errors and Omissions Liability

Used by many professionals such as engineers, lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, financial advisers, insurance agents, court reports, dentists, nurses and teachers. It protects against the financial effects of liability lawsuits filed by clients. It basically protects professionals who cause harm to a client due to incompetence, errors, or negligence.

Umbrella Liability

It protects against liability and losses after primary insurance benefits have been exhausted. This supplemental coverage kicks in only after the underlined liability policies have paid their maximum benefits.

Environmental Liability

It protects against the financial costs of claims of injury or damage due to pollution, and other costs of cleaning up pollutants. These policies are designed to cover both property and liability risks.

Directors and Officers Liability

This coverage protects against claims from stockholders, employees and clients that are also aimed individually at directors and officers. These claims typically stem from errors in judgement, breaches of duty and wrongful acts in connection with company business.

Cyber Liability

It protects against costs of the theft, destruction or unauthorized use of electronic data through computer viruses or network intrusions. It also adds protection to a business against such costs if a business fails to safeguard another party’s electronic data. Companies sharing data outside their internal network benefit from this coverage

Commercial Property

It protects against claims or damages to the insured’s buildings, business personal property and personal property of others. It can also provide for loss of business income coverage or extra expenses incurred because of physical loss by a covered peril to the insured’s property.

Commercial Crime

It protects against loss of money, securities and other property because of a variety of criminal acts such as employee theft or embezzlement, burglary, robbery, forgery, computer fraud, kidnapping and extortion. Crime insurance also covers money and securities against damage or destruction by almost any cause of loss, not just crime.

Builders Risk

It protects against damage to or destruction of buildings or other structures during their construction. Any party with a financial interest in a construction, remodeling, or repair project benefits from this coverage.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are three party contracts. The principal, the party that undertakes the obligation, pays for the issuance of a bond by a surety company. The bond provides capital to guarantee the obligation will be performed. The obligee is the party that receives the benefit of the bond If the obligation is improperly performed. If payment and performance bonds are required such bonds must be substantially in the form prescribed by Florida Statutes 255.05, as amended, and will be subject to the approval of the City of Miami Director of the Department of Risk Management.

Valuable Papers

It pays for the cost to reconstruct damaged or destroyed valuable papers and records. Typically is defined to include almost all forms of printed documents or records with the exception of money or securities, and data and media which is usually excluded.

 Additional Requirements

The Vendor/Contractor must furnish the City of Miami, Department of Procurement, and Risk Management located at 444 S.W. 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33130, original Certificates of insurance to be in force on the date of this Contract, and Renewal Certificates of insurance thereafter. All policies indicated on the certificate must be in compliance with all Contract requirements. The failure of the City to obtain the applicable or corresponding certificates from Contractor is not a waiver by the City of any requirements for the Vendor/Contractor.

The Vendor/Contractor must furnish Certificates insurance listing the City of Miami as an additional insured. All insurance certificates must be signed, dated and reference the City contract number.

The insurance must provide for sixty (30) days prior written notice to be given to the City in the event coverage is substantially changed, canceled, or non-renewed.

Any deductibles or self-insured retentions on referenced insurance coverages must be borne by Vendor/Contractor. The Vendor/Contractor further agrees to have insurers waive their rights of subrogation against the City of Miami, its employees, elected officials, agents, or representatives.

The coverages and limits furnished by Vendor/Contractor in no way limit the Vendor/Contractor's liabilities and responsibilities specified within the Contract or law.

Any insurance or self-insurance programs maintained by the City of Miami shall not contribute with insurance provided by the Vendor/Contractor under the Contract.

The required insurance to be carried is not limited by any limitations expressed in the indemnification language in this Contract or any limitation placed on the indemnity in this Contract given as a matter of law.

If the Vendor/Contractor is a joint venture or limited liability company, the insurance policies must name the joint venture or Limited Liability Company and each of its separate constituent entities as named insureds.

The Vendor/Contractor must require all subcontractors to provide the insurance required herein. All subcontractors are subject to the same insurance requirements of the Vendor/Contractor unless otherwise specified in this Contract.

If the Vendor/Contractor or subcontractor desire additional coverages, the party desiring the additional coverages is responsible for the acquisition and cost. Notwithstanding any provision in the Contract to the contrary, the City of Miami Risk Management Department maintains and reserves the right to modify, delete, alter or change these requirements.


The duty to carry and maintain insurance during the life of the contract will survive the cancellation or expiration, as applicable, under the Contract.



7. Bond Requirements

A Bid Bond or a Performance & Payment Bond may be required to be submitted with certain formal sealed bids or proposals.

Bid Bond:

• A Security deposit, made payable to the City of Miami, in the amount requested.
• Guarantees that a Bidder will accept the order or contract, as bid, if it is awarded to Bidder.
• Will be returned to unsuccessful Bidders within ten (10) days after the award and Successful Bidder’s acceptance of award.
• Shall be forfeited if City awards contract to Bidder and Bidder refuses to accept contract as bid.

Performance & Payment Bond:

•  A security deposit retained by the City until all items, equipment and/or services specified in the contract or purchase order have been completed to the satisfaction of the City.
• Shall be required, pursuant to Florida Statute 255.05 for construction projects over $100,000.
• Shall be in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the contract value.
• Shall be forfeited to the City should the Successful Bidder fail to comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in the specifications and award.

*The City will not accept a faxed Bid Bond or Performance & Payment Bond

8. Invoice and Payment Procedures

Payment will not be authorized until:

• Delivery and acceptance of goods/ services occurs.
• Report of receipt of goods/services by the end user department.
• Invoicing by the vendor after delivery.

Payment Procedure:

• Accounts Payable must have the proper invoice and delivery must have occurred.
• Invoice must reflect the Purchase Order number, be submitted timely, and be approved by the end user department.
• Pursuant to Florida Statute 218.74 and other applicable laws, payment is processed within 45 days after receipt of an invoice for goods/services.

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9. E-Procurement

Purpose: Procurement utilizes e-procurement technologies in its distribution of formal solicitations (i.e. IFBs, RFPs, RFQs, ITBs, ITQs, etc.) and/or informal solicitations (i.e. IFQs).


Registration in the City Supplier database, known as iMiami, for supplier profile information related to payments and purchase orders.

Registration in the City’s electronic solicitation system, BidSync, to receive notifications of formal solicitations for current and/or future opportunities with the City.

Registration in the City's informal quotation system, GovQuote, to receive notifications of opportunities to provide the City with informal quotes for goods and/or services less than $25,000. 

• Receive notifications for formal/informal competitive solicitations based on registered commodity codes, products, and/or services.

Vendor Services through iMiami:

• Maintain current company information by electronically providing updated profile information.
• Access to all issued purchase orders, delivery information and payment status.

Vendor Services through our Website:

• View important information for current solicitation opportunities, upcoming events, and cone of silence notifications.
• View the details regarding current contracts awarded, including expiration dates, vendors awarded, and contract details.
• View the Procurement Code documents, protest procedures, and the City’s Cone of Silence Notice.

10. Periscope S2G User Help


PurposeElectronic based solicitation management program that provides easy access to all formal solicitations, addendum/addenda, and/or related attachments, etc. 

Registration Resources: Need help with registration? Periscope S2G offers the following resources to help:

Registration Guide

Video on Registration

Video on Setting up Notification and Classifications

Periscope S2G User Resources: Need help locating and responding to opportunities on BidSync?

Guide to Placing an Offer

Video on Placing an Offer

Video on Locating Opportunities

Periscope S2G Opportunities: Want to have access to City Procurement opportunities?

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11. GovQuote User Help

Purpose: The City is using GovQuote for electronic informal (i.e. small purchases under $25,000 pursuant to Section 18-88: Small Purchases) Invitations for Quotes ("IFQ"). When the City posts these informal IFQ, you can instantly notified and can respond in less than 60 seconds. 

User Resources: For assistance on creating your account, setting up your categories, and much more, visit the GovQuote Help Center at Help chat specialists are also available online Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST. 

GovQuote is FREE to register and easy to use.  If you want to receive these notifications from the City, as well as notifications from other agencies in South Florida and beyond, then please sign up with GovQuote today.

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12. Amazon Business Local Seller Initiative

Purpose: The City of Miami and Amazon Business officially launched a new capability to seamlessly connect local and small Miami businesses with purchasers at the City of Miami seeking products to support their operations. Please use the resources below to help to learn more about how to get started selling on Amazon and direct to businesses with Amazon Business. 

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