Request a Code Inspection for a Certificate of Use

Are you starting a new business and need a code inspection in order to get your certificate of use? The City requires all businesses to attain a CU in order to help industries succeed and ensure safety.


Have You Applied for a Certificate of Use (CU)?

Requesting this type of inspection only occurs after you have begun the process of applying for a CU. Visit this link to begin that process.  

Have You Paid for Your Certificate of Use?

If you have not paid for your CU, you cannot request any inspections. Be sure you have paid at the cashier in the building department:

444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor
Miami, FL 33130

NOTE: If you pay with cash or credit, this will process in 24-hours. If you pay with a check, it can take up to two weeks to process. 

Set up a Solid Waste Contract.

If you have not set up garbage pick-up for your business, to find a list of city-approved private haulers(PDF, 21KB) who you can do this with. You must have trash pick-up in place before scheduling inspection.

Is Your Business a Residential Building (apartment, triplex, multi-family)?

If your business is an apartment building (three units or more), you must provide the building floor plans or tax card at the time of inspection. You can request those records (microfilm) here.

Request Your Inspection.

Utilizing the information above, you can request your inspection by calling 311or visiting this page.  

Await Response.

You will hear back with an inspection date within 48 hours, per the contact information you provide. 

Get Inspection Sign-Off.

Once you have passed this inspection, the Code officer will sign your CU application. You must complete all inspections listed on your CU application in order to obtain your CU.