FY 2022-2025 Strategic Plan


Vision Statement

Miami is a modern and diverse city that is a global leader in technology, innovation, and resiliency. 

Mission Statement

The City of Miami is committed to elevating the quality of life of its residents by improving public safety, housing, mobility, diverse shared spaces that foster community, and efficient and transparent government. 


We are progressive problem solvers who are not satisfied with the status quo.


We will act in a way that fosters trust and confidence of the public.


We maintain a high standard of quality in our work and the way we treat each other.


We work diligently to honor our commitment to our residents.


We are considerate of all residents and communities when making decisions.


We partner with each other and residents and businesses to address their needs. 

Goals and Objectives:

1.1 Deliver efficient and effective services.

     1.1.1 Modernize and streamline City processes.

     1.1.2 Strengthen trust through excellent customer service.

     1.1.3 Engage all stakeholders with timely and clear communication.   

1.2 Create and enhance shared civic spaces.

     1.2.1 Maintain the look and feel of public spaces to a high standard.

     1.2.2 Enhance green-ways and green spaces to promote outdoor activity.

     1.2.3 Continue to enhance the quality of parks and open spaces.     

1.3 Enhance mobility and transportation options.

     1.3.1 Create a safe and comfortable pedestrian environment.

     1.3.2 Facilitate connectivity through affordable multi-modal transportation options.

     1.3.3 Improve street paving and pothole repair.    

1.4 Transform the experience of conducting business with the City.

     1.4.1 Minimize the need to visit a City building to conduct business.

     1.4.2 Seek feedback to inform improved business practices.

     1.4.3 Reduce the amount of time customers wait.    

1.5 Protect and promote the health and well-being of all residents.

     1.5.1 Reduce gun violence.

     1.5.2 Continue to strengthen community partnerships.

     1.5.3 Maintain low response times and seek out opportunities to optimize emergency operations.    

 Goals and Objectives:

 2.1 Ensure decisions are data-driven and take future conditions into account.

     2.1.1 Enhance understanding of the City's vulnerability to environmental, social and economic risks with data.

     2.1.2 Quantify the City's impact on climate change.

     2.1.3 Equip City departments and residents by identifying critical metrics and improving access to critical data.     

2.2 Inform, engage and prepare residents and businesses for stresses and shocks.

     2.2.1 Prepare and empower residents and businesses to anticipate and respond to environmental, social and economic disruptions.

     2.2.2 Create avenues to capture and integrate community feedback into all stages of programming.

     2.2.3 Improve internal capacity, coordination and communications.     

2.3 Protect and enhance our waterfront.

     2.3.1 Reduce the severity, duration, and impact of coastal and riverine flooding on shorelines and surrounding communities.

     2.3.2 Update and implement waterfront design standards.

     2.3.3 Accelerate investment in features along waterfront.    

2.4 Invest in resilient and smart public infrastructure.

     2.4.1 Update storm-water management system to meet infrastructure needs through 2060 under varying climate conditions.

     2.4.2 Prioritize projects that protect the most critical and vulnerable areas.

     2.4.3 Upgrade and retrofit existing infrastructure to improve resilience and sustainability.    

2.5 Promote adaptive neighborhoods and buildings.

     2.5.1 Develop policy and regulations to reduce impact of environmental risks and promote sustainability.

     2.5.2 Incentivize development that allows residents and businesses to adapt and thrive under changing environmental, economic and social conditions.

     2.5.3 Integrate resilience, sustainability and equity considerations into large development projects.

Goals and Objectives:

3.1 Maintain and grow a diverse and inclusive economy.

     3.1.1 Foster innovation and sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives.

     3.1.2 Support policies and practices that enable a diverse and growing economy.

     3.1.3 Connect at-risk population to opportunities for advancement.    

3.2 Establish a supportive environment for small businesses.

     3.2.1 Promote conditions that encourage small business development and growth.

     3.2.2 Bolster small businesses through supportive programs and incentives.

     3.2.3 Support local scale-ups.     

3.3 Foster and promote job training and education.

     3.3.1 Partner with local entities to connect residents with job opportunities.

     3.3.2 Invest in youth by providing job opportunities, education, or financial support.

     3.3.3 Streamline access to social services.    

3.4 Position all for success by providing access to critical services.

     3.4.1 Enforce clean and safe housing in neighborhoods where needed most.

     3.4.2 Connect homeless to resources and assistance.

     3.4.3 Enhance public services for low income residents.    

3.5 Increase and enhance housing options.

     3.5.1 Support single family rehabilitation to sustain existing homeowners.

     3.5.2 Preserve and increase the supply of housing for all income groups.

     3.5.3 Attract and deploy capital to increase resident access.