Request the Creation of a GIS Map

The Planning Department offers GIS map creation services for properties within the City of Miami. Maps are provided digitally to be environmentally friendly, cost effective, and efficient. 


Do You Need a Customized Map 

The Planning Department uses a standard map when producing maps, however customization is available. Please use this Sample_Map(PDF, 1MB) to determine what customization your map requires.

Map Fees

Fees for map requests are $35.00 per hour per map. You will be invoiced upon review of your request. You can pay online

Request a Custom GIS Map

To request customization, please complete the form below in its entirety providing as much detail as possible. 

Request a Customized GIS Map

Await a Response

A Planning Department staff member will communicate with you regarding your request. Please allow a minimum of five business days for the completion of requests. Based on the complexity of your map request, the completion timeframe will vary. 

DISCLAIMER: All maps produced by the City of Miami and the associated GIS data, images, and information (collectively referred to as “Content”), is provided by the City of Miami (“CITY”) as a reference. The CITY does not represent, warrant or affirm the accuracy of the Content provided. The map shall serve only as a model and a reference. The information provided by the map does not constitute legal or factual advice and should not be used for such purposes.