Run a Lien or Violation Search

Are you purchasing a property and want to see if any liens or violations exist on it? The City of Miami makes this information public and easy to access through a lien search. 


Get Your Documents Ready 

You will need the following in order to conduct a lien search:

  • Folio number of the property. If you do not know this, you can find it here  by searching the property address or owner.

NOTE: If the folio number does not begin with "01", this property is not in The City of Miami. You will not be able to proceed with this search here, and should contact the appropriate district. 

  • A form of payment (credit card or check). The fee is $200.
  • PDF reader

Read Through the Below Steps Before Running Search

At the bottom of this page, you will find the link to run your search.  Please follow the below steps clearly in order to run the search.   We recommend keeping this screen open so that you can refer back as you go through your search.

Begin Search, Enter Folio Number

Click search button at the bottom of this page. When you land on the page, enter folio number.

NOTE: You are prompted to choose "new report" (if this is the first time you're searching this particular property), or "print existing report" (if you ran this search previously and paid for it).  

IMPORTANT: Once you have paid for your "new report" you will have to come back to this screen and select "existing report" in order to view or print the actual report. 

Confirm Fee

Request new report & confirm fee. The fee for running a search is $200.

Validate Address

Validate the address(es) and hit "next."

Enter Information

Fill in the required information (name, address, email, phone #) and hit "next." 

NOTE: If you want to view your fee summary, hit "download fee summary."  If not, go to the bottom of the page and "click here to pay online now", and hit continue (this will also give your Transaction ID. We suggest you make a note of this, as you may need it later)

TIP: We do accept all major credit cards including American Express

Continue to Payment

You will be sent to a third-party payment screen. Follow all of the prompts, and hit OK when complete, then I accept.

NOTE: Do not hit "make another payment", as it will refer to other transactions. 

Come Back to Original Screen

After you get your receipt confirmation, click the below link again to view/print your search. 

Run Your Lien Search

Start Your Search

NOTE: Click this link again after you have paid in order to view/print your report.