Integrated Warehouse & Logistics, INC.


Integrated Warehouse & Logistics Inc. Established in 2010, Integrated Warehouse & Logistics Inc. is a privately-held company. The company distributes and manages from services to plastic products for transportation and reusable plastic solutions for packaging, transportation and storage.

Located in Doral, Florida; Integrated Warehouse & Logistics sits in the largest gateway to the Americas. Integrated Warehouse & Logistics, Inc. continues to develop new and advanced solutions for our customers, and constantly searches for new opportunities in the field of Reusable Transport Items (RTI).

We are proud of the positive influence our solutions have on the environment, and are dedicated partners in the collective effort to enhance sustainability.


We would provide 10% off a purchase of a full trailer (2370 PLASTIC PALLETS). Current cost of each plastic pallet is $9.95. Includes delivery within Miami City limits. Just use/say "BUYMIAMI" for the discount.


8315 NW 74th St, Medley, Miami 33166  View Map

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