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An Advertising Agency established in NYC 25 years ago, this is an online business offering the best T.V. Ads in the industry. Our high tech editing studios produces our 3p Seconds-clips & air though Cable Channels, our TV Packages has a great value in price & technical-quality. 


Our Online Advertising-Packages has a value of $72 K and we are giving it away for only $3 K. Air time included. We offer 1440 Clips for a limited-time only. Use it while it last. For more in detail Inf. of how this discounts work, contact us at go to 'Adv.Rate', 'Shopping-Cart', you'll see our minimum fee for 30 Sec. Clips is $50.00 So if you multiply 1440 Clips X $50.00 = $72 K for only $3 K. Great savings. Contact us for more details.


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